USA: Police State

DC subway to begin random searches

by Agence France-Presse, RawStory

Riders on the Washington metro system were warned Thursday to expect random checks of carry-on items two days after the government disclosed the arrest of an Afghan man for allegedly threatening to bomb the system.

The stepped-up security measures at the height of the Christmas shopping season also coincided with a warning by Interpol that it had received information about possible Al-Qaeda attacks in the United States and Europe.

Metro Transit Police “will conduct random inspections of carry-on items, as part of the continuously changing law enforcement programs designed to keep the system safe,” the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said in a statement.

Police will use bomb-sniffing dogs and sensors that rely on ionization technology to check the bags for hazardous materials, it said.

The inspections would take only minutes and were designed to be “non-intrusive,” it said.

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