Fighting Back

Cyndi Steele’s response to Bonner County Daily Bee

Free Edgar Steele

Letter to the Editor of the Bonner County Daily Bee:

I am Cyndi Steele, the wife of Edgar Steele and I am responding to and commenting your article of December 17, 2010 which mentions the sentencing hearing for Mr. Fairfax has been moved to February 2011. Your article does not mention that my mother and I are victims of Larry Fairfax’s attempts to murder us by pipe bomb, but it does mention that we supposedly were victims of my husband’s alleged crimes.

What your coverage of these events completely missed is the fact that both of us believe in my husband’s innocence. Wouldn’t it be unusual for the supposed victims to be backing the accused, unless he is innocent? How is it that the Bonner County Daily Bee missed this unusual fact? The article mentions that Fairfax came forward to tell authorities the whole truth, but says nothing about the fact that he lied to the FBI by promising that he would disclose all of his criminal activities and then kept secret the most important part: that there was a lethal bomb on my car, and if it exploded, it could have hurt a lot of people.

The article does not mention the fact that I believe Larry Fairfax is not a hitman at all, because he was doing this on his own – and I know for a fact that my husband did not mastermind the killing of anyone. Let me be absolutely clear, my husband, Edgar Steele is innocent and did not hire Larry Fairfax or anyone to kill me or anyone else. As anyone who is acquainted with Larry Fairfax knows from his business dealings, he is a thief and a liar.

But now, he has graduated to a different level of crime, now he is an attempted murderer. He tried to murder me and my mom by placing a bomb on my car and let me drive a 1000 plus miles; for almost 3 weeks without saying anything to the authorities. Finally, I had to discover it myself. Your article did not mention the fact that in May and early June, 2010, my husband and I began discovering a string of thefts by Fairfax (who worked for us as a handyman), and that he was obviously motivated to cover up these thefts and framed my husband in a grandiose murder-for-hire plot that simply makes no sense.

Instead of coming forth with information that there was a bomb on my car on June 8th when he first went to the FBI, neither Fairfax nor his accomplices nor Judge James Michaud, his attorney, came forward to make disclosure of the bomb, even though they had pledged to disclose all criminal activity. Instead, they were deceptive. The article also does not mention the fact that the FBI tapes, supposedly of a conversation with my husband suggesting that he wanted to hire Fairfax to kill me, were fabricated.

The FBI is supposed to be protecting us citizens from crime, but, in fact, the FBI has done nothing to protect me or the rest of the citizenry from Fairfax and his accomplices; if anything, the government made it worse. Ironically, the government has carefully protected Fairfax, whose lies now protect the government from the consequences of its own misconduct because Fairfax is their “fall guy.” The government made sure Fairfax did not have to face a grand jury simply by filing charges against him that did not deal with the real crimes of violence he committed against me. The government has now given Fairfax a soft plea deal that will ensure he will not spend more than a year in prison, while they have charged my innocent husband with other offenses that could mean a sentence upwards of 70 years.

The record shows that the FBI even attempted to tamper with my testimony by trying to make me believe false information about my husband; surely if what the FBI was saying was true, they wouldn’t have to persuade me to be their witness. There is strong evidence that the FBI knew a bomb was involved at least 5 days before I, and an oil change mechanic, discovered it attached to the undercarriage of my car on June 15th; that is why the FBI needs Fairfax to take the heat off of them and to take the “fall” by agreeing that he did not inform them about the bomb, so the government can have “plausible deniability” as to the existence of the bomb.

It appears that the FBI deliberately refused to investigate the existence of a bomb because apparently they wanted the bomb to stay on my car, for reasons yet to be explained. Latter that same day, June 15th, my son and I went to court to support my husband and we were told that the government would not offer us any protection. Whoa, and that was the same day I discovered the bomb and I was so scared and shaking because I didn’t know who was trying to kill me and possibly other family members. Especially since death threats had been made against our family, including our children, in the past, including one threat which said: “The FBI would love to see you dead!” (You should listen to the tape of that death threat if you are going to continue to write about this story, that is, you Mr. Editor need to be informed!)

If Larry Fairfax truly had turned away from his criminal enterprise and was honestly cooperating with authorities as of June 8th, then he would have told the FBI about the “lethal” bomb he attached to my car, which would have saved me and lots of people in Oregon, Washington and Idaho from the risk of a bomb explosion. Since the government has made this case very complicated, there is too much to write here.

But, if you are truly a journalist, you will visit, and learn some of the details about how my husband was framed and how Larry Fairfax and his accomplices are being allowed to get away with their crimes. Note: my husband, Edgar Steele, who is innocent, is being punished with solitary confinement even before trial. It is as if the government has completely forgotten about the Presumption of Innocence. He has been in jail since June 11th without bond. So I say to the Bonner County Daily Bee: this is a test; let’s see if you truly believe in freedom of speech by publishing this response to your article of December 17th, which article obviously was written as a press release by the government in their propaganda campaign.

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