Militant Rants

State of the Site Address

Well, it’s the end of the year and has been in its new incarnation for almost the entirety of 2010.  During that time, we’ve seen growth and increased activity both on the website and on its peripheral network (Facebook, Twitter, etc).  Because of all of these changes, I thought you’d like to see how we’ve grown and what your visits and spreading the word have been doing.

January 2010 was not quite a full month on the current setup and server, so the statistics from that month have to be considered in that way.  February is a better baseline to show where we started.  Our total number of visits (unique IP addresses visiting the site, reset every 24 hours) was 9,178 in January and 10,433 in February.  The total number of unique visitors (no IP reset for entire month) was 3,376 at its highest between those two months.

This basically means that the site had 3,376 individual computers visiting it in the month with a total of 10,433 visits overall.  So each person is returning to the site an average of 3 times every month – the actual number of return visits is likely higher, since it requires 24 hours to reset, so someone returning in 23 hours would not be counted again.  This is a good number for website metrics regardless.

At about mid-year in July, the numbers were substantially higher with 22,026 visitors (1:24hrs) and 9,198 unique visitors for the month.  This lowers the return visits to 2.4 per, but those are still very good numbers.  That phenomenal growth rate (basically tripling in six months) is awesome.  But it didn’t stop there.

By December, for which we now have 30 of 31 days recorded, the numbers grew to 34,256 visitors (1:24hrs) and 15,573 unique visitors for the month.  This puts return visits at 2.2 per and shows an exploding growth rate of 4.6 times over twelve months.

Marketing types would expect that to happen with a well-planned, targeted marketing campaign.  As it is, we did it at with nothing more than good content and word of mouth.  The site has had a total of 251,996 unique visitors for 2010! That’s a lot of people seeing the NWO-busting information we showcase here.  The Liberty Movement is on the rise and growing fast.  I’d suspect that similar sites to this one around the Web have had the same types of growth. ranks 937,080 worldwide and 269,115 U.S. on Alexa and holds a Google Page Rank of 3.  These are both actually down from the last time I checked, when we were in the 800,000’s and had a PR of 4.  This means that competition in the sector that MiliLib competes in is higher.  That’s a good thing, if you ask me.  Because most of the information here is reprinted from other sources, this site rarely ranks well in Google regardless.

Looking further into the stats, most of our visitors are from the U.S. followed by Russia, Canada, and Great Britain.  The most popular page is the Friend of Liberty page, which is interesting since that section gets about four requests a month for additions (most of which are spam).  It has grown from 4 spots with 4 ads each in the rotator to 6 spots wiht 5 ads each, however.  That reflects how many great liberty-oriented sites there are out there.

The most-visited blog entries this year were:

  1. Tom Baugh (Starving the Monkeys) at 2010 Liberty Forum – 6,577 views
  2. Don’t Tread On Me! Treading on Privacy, Over and Over Again – 6,234 views
  3. John Stossel defends Rand Paul and business right to discriminate – 5,771 views

Most of these were published in April/May, so they’ve had plenty of time to get noticed, obviously.  No single story this year really took off on its own, but the site’s total count is a group effort by all of the information coming at us in waves this year.

The Top 3 referring websites to were:

  1. – 3,955 referrals
  2. – 3,327 referrals
  3. – 2,554 referrals

This is great since two of the three are social efforts and the top spot is one that is a sort of mashup of most of the liberty-themed websites out there.  Our Facebook page is integrated entirely with the site, so that posts here automatically post there and, just recently, comments are traded back and forth as well. is my friend Dale Williams’ site and I am the webmaster there, so you’ll see a lot of cross-posting here and there.

Our three most popular search phrases linking into this site are:

  1. “don t tread on me” and “dont tread on me” (4.4% of searches)
  2. “militant libertarian” and “” (2.4%)
  3. “tooth fairy” (1.9%) WTF?

I’m not sure about that last one, but it’s #3 on the list, so there you go.  The most-searched single word to find this site is “libertarian” of course.

The site is growing very fast and doing well.  Thanks to all of you who spread the word, send me stuff to post, and otherwise keep us truckin’ forward.  The growing Liberty Movement, in all of its facets, is a huge thorn in the sides of the Bankster Elites and their pals. So let’s keep up the good work into the New Year!