USA: Police State

Cop punishes two people after they save a deer’s life

by Anok Black, Cop Block

It was wrong, apparently, for Khalil Abusakran and Jim Hart to take initiative and save a deer from drowning in icy waters. Instead, they should have stood by and watched the deer die. Why? Well, they weren’t wearing life vests. Jumping into a body of water to save an innocent creature from drowning, without first taking the time to strap on mandatory floaty puffs, is a serious offense. The Good Officer decided to rob — or to use the State’s lingo, “fine” — these vile law breakers for their infraction.

“No, we didn’t have life vests on, but we’re not 16-years-old,” Abusakran said. Hey, Abusakran, just be glad the Good Officer didn’t decide to shoot the deer, like these dog-killing cops might have done; deer can be very disorderly when drowning, OK?

It’s all for your own safety. Or something like that.