Fighting Back

Welcome to Agora I/O, the Agorist Unconference

Mili Note: Very cool idea and promises to be a great deal of fun and interactivity.  Plus, no travel or fees and hotel rooms required.

Agora I/O is a biannual libertarian anarchist conference organized according to the principles of agorism, anarchism and the free market. The vision is to not only create a free market in knowledge by holding the conference but also to operate the conference according to our principles by allowing anyone to speak and anyone to participate.

As such, I call it an un-conference, since it doesn’t operate according to the normal rules of conferences. There will be no hefty ticket prices, no speakers up on podiums while you sit below passively, no travel or hotel stays required and no single line-up of speakers. Agora I/O is a space for people to have a conversation. Make of it what you will. To find out more, check out our about page.

Our first conference, nicknamed “Etienne“, is coming up March 25-27, 2011. Stay tuned for more information!