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Wikipedia Raises $16 Million to Remain Ad-Free

Mili Note: A lot of researchers and others malign Wikipedia, but I use it all the time.  Sure, it’s not the best of sources, but it’s a great launching point for a line of research and many of the non-controversial topics covered are great encapsulations of the information so you don’t have to go hunting elsewhere.  Besides, it’s crowd-sourced and free!

by Mike Melanson, Read Write Web

The Wikimedia Foundation announced this morning that it has reached its goal of $16 million in record time, more than doubling the $7.5 million the organization raised in 2009. The foundation, which is the non-profit parent organization of massively collaborative online encyclopedia Wikipedia and a multitude of other wikis, says that more than half a million people from all over the world donated to the effort this year.

According to the release, the fundraiser, which featured Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales’ mug pleading with users to donate, was the shortest and most fruitful in the foundation’s history. A look atthe real-time statistics shows that while the average donation remained around the same as years past, the number of people donating was far greater. According to Wikimedia, 230,000 people donated in 2009, whereas more than 500,000 donated this year.

For those of you into real-time statistics, the ones provided by Wikipedia for this campaign may leave some questions. Moka Pantages, a spokesperson for Wikimedia, said that the $13.5 million accounted for online only includes online donations, and the rest of the more than $16 million comes from checks and individual chapters.

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