Fighting Back

Edgar Steele Defense Fund non-profit, and $500 grant received

from Free Edgar Steele

The supporters, friends and family of Edgar J. Steele are pleased to announce the formation of The Edgar Steele Defense Fund, Ltd., an Idaho non-profit corporation. The non-profit was formed to address the dismissal of charges or acquittal and release of Mr. Steele, an attorney author, public speaker and web commentator offering social and financial perspectives. The ESDF is also engaged in fund-raising efforts and donation accountability. Over $60,000 of the $250,000 needed for expert witnesses and legal expenses has been raised to-date. Mr. Steele’s trial is set for March 7, 2011.

For those unfamiliar with the case, Mr. Steele was arrested June 11, 2010 on questionable charges of allegedly planning a murder-for-hire plot that targeted his own wife and mother-in-law. Case details are found at [FES WEB SITE], which includes links to other Internet sites that provide keen analysis of the case history, facts and identifies people involved. Due to apparent interstate issues between Idaho, Washington and Oregon, this legal action became an federal matter. In order to silence him, Mr. Steele has been held without bond in solitary confinement at the Spokane County Jail for the past seven months.

To learn more about Mr. Steele – a “targeted individual” – please visit his own web site which includes biographical info: [WEB SITE].  Mr. Steele is the author of “Defensive Racism,” a 2005 book available for purchase online or in hard cover.

Since his arrest, Mr. Steele’s wife Cyndi has given numerous interviews explaining why it is impossible for her husband to have committed this alleged crime and has written a number of statements expressing complete support of her husband and his innocence. Mrs. Steele and her attorney Wesley W. Hoyt take this opportunity to publicly thank the Foundation To Defend The First Amendment for their recent grant of $500 to be applied toward defense costs. Mr. Hoyt is available for comment at (303) 819-7400 or you can write him at [EMAIL MR. HOYT].

In the letter accompanying their gracious donation, the FDFA states it “…believes that every citizen in this great country has an obligation to use the First Amendment in defense of our Constitutional liberties.” The Edgar Steele Defense Fund agrees and sincerely appreciates the FDFA’s pro-active support. This profound expression in support of First Amendment rights and those who uphold the U.S. Constitution are validated by all those who believe Mr. Steele was framed in an attempt to silence and punish him for exercising his First Amendment rights. Additionally, Mr. Steele – as an attorney – has represented numerous clients, many pro bono, whose expressions have been deemed “unpopular” and/or “politically incorrect.” Mr. Steele has called himself the “attorney for the damned.”

The ESDF joins the FDFA in firmly backing our American Constitution as the only certain guarantor of freedom to speak, think, believe, and act responsibly without censorship, oppression or retaliation. We laud the efforts of all who join to support individual freedoms.