Militant Rants

Gabrielle Giffords

by Me on The MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Dear MoveOn member,
The tragedy in Tucson has shaken us all to the core. Facts are still coming in, and we all must be careful not to jump to premature conclusions.

But in the wake of this disaster one thing is clear: We must put an end to the rhetoric of violence and hate that has exploded in America over the past two years.

That’s why we’re launching a petition calling on every member of Congress, as well as the major TV and cable news networks, to put an end to the hateful rhetoric and all overt or implied appeals to violence.

My MoveOn, Nothing to See Here, Folks, Response

I have three things of interest that I’d like to note about the shooting in Arizona. Obviously, it is a tragic event, but there seems to be a lot of ignorance going on around the entire thing. First, the focus is on the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, an elected representative. Second, the gunman is obviously a total lunatic, a lot of which is likely thanks to his time in Afghanistan serving our country’s ownership. Third, the above petition ignores a few other things that should be included as “implied threats of violence.”

The Focus on Giffords
The last I heard, half a dozen people died at this shooting. Giffords didn’t. One of the victims was a federal judge. Anyone know his name? Me either. Because all of the focus is on this representative who got shot. Why? Probably because most of the focus so far seems to be surrounding the possible political motivations of the act itself and Mrs. Giffords is, of course, one of the Important Folk (aka one in government).

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but if you’re looking for political motivation from Mr. Lunatic Gunman, you’ll have to look further than just his latest handful of videos (all recorded in the last month). Ask his ex-girlfriend what he was like in 2007 and… you’d see plenty of Communist Manifesto (his “favorite” piece of writing, btw), mentions of his left-liberal views, and his love of universal health care. It was only very recently (i.e. right before loading his gun, apparently) that he got the idea to pretend to be a Tea Party type.

Want to know what his real motivation was? Madness. He’s a fucking loon, people. He wasn’t so loony as to choose an NRA convention or a gun show to pull off his shooting spree, of course. Instead, like most of these mass murderers, he chose a gun free zone. So those that fought back were… unarmed. Right.

His Lunacy
Any way you slice it, Jared Loughner was a nutjob. He’s a returned Afghan war vet who was obsessed with mind control. Like a lot of other assassins/mass murderers have been (including Lee Harvey Oswald, Hinckley, and Charles Manson).

The number of returning vets with mental issues is astounding. At least a third of those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are having some real problems, according to CNN.

As it turns out, when you send people to foreign countries to fight a war we have no hope of winning and shouldn’t be fighting in the first place – and whose entire purpose is corporate – those people tend to go a little nuts. Especially when they get to see horrible things, which is unavoidable in war.

Welcome to modern, corporate-controlled warfare where the soldiers are just assets to be calculated like any other item in the warehouse.

Update: Turns out, my information that Loughner was an AFghan vet was incorrect. So this section is pretty moot. The rest stands well, though, and it is well-documented that he is a lunatic.

The MoveOn Focus on “Implied Voilence” in Politics
What the folks at MoveOn, specifically, and those who sign their dumbass petition need to really understand, though, is the simple truth of government. ALL GOVERNMENT IS IMPLIED VIOLENCE. So all politics are implied acts of violence.

Here’s an example: stop paying the IRS for a while and see what happens. Yep, violence. They take everything you have and force you to attempt to prove your innocence (it’s civil court, you’re guilty until proven otherwise).

Now try this: ask a police officer why he’s pulling you over and insist on an answer from him. Yep, violence likely ensues as he tases you and then arrests you for resisting arrest. Read that second sentence again. Yes, they can arrest you for resisting arrest even when you weren’t being arrested in the first place. Your civil infraction for going five miles over the speed limit just turned into a possible felony for asking questions.

Here’s another: try to avoid having to participate in mandatory government programs, like say, FICA. Stop sending money for Medicare and Social Security and watch how fast you get hit. Almost as fast as when you don’t pay the IRS their vig.

Now let’s say you don’t like the fact that the Ten Commandments are displayed in front of a church, facing a public road. So you protest that. Except the protest is taking place on private property. Trespassing. Right, that’s an offense to which the police can respond… you guessed it, with violence.

Everything government does is via violence. It’s how government works. Don’t believe me? Then why do they call it law enforcement? Why do laws always have penalties? When they fine you and you refuse to pay, what happens? Hint: it’s going to be violent.

So to remove the implied threat of violence from politics, which I’m totally in agreement with, we have to remove politics themselves, which I’m also in agreement with.

Little did I know that MoveOn is actually on my side! :)