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Five Sinister Reasons for the Tucson “Massacre”

by Zen Gardner, BeforeItsNews

It’s been disgusting watching the fallout of another disturbing public execution. The hate and accusations are stinking up the mediasphere to where I can barely look at the news about this. The event was tragic, but much of the reaction was pathetic, and predictable. I’ve never seen so much “hate for hate speech” in my life. How productive.

And the effects? Ah, they’re just getting started running “the program.”  Once they get past this media programmed hyped up “mourning” going on–from football game memorials to staged moments of silence at political events–all the while carefully dovetailing it with the plight of “our sacrificial men and women in uniform”. Clever. Soon we’ll start to see some nasty kickbacks they have in mind.

It’s Getting Top Billing

You know this event is something they’re gonna run with big time when the selected President appears as the “consoling peacemaker”…sheesh…

Obama to be nation’s consoler at memorial service

WASHINGTON – Searching for unity out of tragedy, President Barack Obama will honor the victims of the Arizona mass shooting in personal terms and remind those in grief that an entire nation is with them. The president is again stepping into his role as national consoler, a test of leadership that comes with the job.

His mission at Wednesday’s memorial is to uplift and rally, not to examine political incivility. (source)


Question: If shoe bombs equal x-rays, flaming underpants equals backscatter machines, and car bombs equal more surveillance…what do domestic political massacres equal?

I don’t know, but they’re liking this one’s chances.

(BTW, how did multiple “shootings” evolve into “massacres”?)

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One angle I always look for in these terrible events is what they’re covering up or distracting us from. The usual instigation or outright execution by the PTBs (powers that be), and the usual resultant ratcheting up of their Draconian controls to so-called prevent another such ‘terrorist act” are a given.

But we all watch the media and government take advantage of these tragedies. It would be laughable, if it didn’t have such tragic consequences. But in the ensuing emotional outburst they’re able to do a LOT of things while everyone’s distracted and manipulable.

How To Use A Massacre

Quick outline:

A. They’re almost always masking something they don’t want us to see or think about too much.

One such incident that went under the radar last week while everyone was preoccupied was Obama’s third escalation of the Afghan war they’re calling the Silent Surge. I’m sure there’s more going down as we speak.

But we can look at the overall and get a pretty good idea what they’re doing. They’re at the very least sowing division among Americans to distract them from the ongoing economic thefts, never ending wars and loss of constitutional freedoms.

B. They want more excuses to clamp down on us.

Easy one. They’re always looking to disarm Americans and make regular runs at this one. The TSA is itching for more powers and will probably get them. This emotional tide is like political WD 40.

Even more insidious is the move for more Censorship. Now they’re proposing a bill banning “Uncivil Criticism of Politicians”.  How conveeeeenient. (See here)

C. They’re deliberately releasing and directing everyone’s pent up fears, frustrations and anger.

This is explained below. Social engineering trick used for millennia.

D. A possible clear cut assassination, using another Columbine-type heavy metal drugged up apparent occultist.

Could be someone wanted somebody dead. Like many other instances, it’s doubtful this kid is some random idiot like they’re making him out to be. All the same symptoms as Columbine and other hits are evident. Cui Bono..who benefits? And was it a warning to others who “get the message”?

E. To wake up mind-controlled “sleepers” with trigger words, phrases and numbers.

An ex-MK Ultra mind control soldier gives his point of view below.

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Masonic slogan: “Ordo ab chao”..order out of deliberately created chaos

A Little History: How To (Create and) Use A Tragedy

Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton are the most famous for letting this elitist mantra out of the bag:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

No better examples of manipulated tragedies can be had than the World Wars, started in most cases by dramatic incidents of sinking ships, oddly enough, perhaps due to Maritime law for some reason, as well as being able to stage them easily with minimal, if any, unforeseen witnesses.

9/11 was a deliberate land hit for the “invasion” impact and is the poster child of false flags. An emotional, visual tragedy caught on film, with the symbolic Twin Towers repeatedly being ripped out of American’s hearts as the complicit media, quick to point out the perpetrators without any proof. Nothing short of high sorcery.

Manipulated economic meltdowns are another favorite of the PTBs. Besides using them to buy up the world’s resources and infrastructure, depressions create the perfect climate for war, change of government and leadership, growing centralized power and banking, and gaining unprecedentedcontrol over populations.

Building a Case With Smaller Events

These smaller events are used to build a case for a direction they want to go. Waco, Oklahoma City, the “busted” bomb plots and these shooting sprees are conditioning Americans that our problem is internal, as well as external.

Read more at this link.