USA: Police State

Family looking for answers after police raid

by Justin Sadler, Toronto Sun

Already outraged by the actions of police who raided their home for no reason, a Gatineau family is still waiting for answers as cops continue to drag their heels, their lawyer says.

Police raided Oliver and Paula MacQuat’s home Jan. 6 looking for a marijuana grow-op.

Tipped off by the smell of marijuana and little snow on the roof, cops were surprised to learn the smell emanating from the property was just a skunk.

It’s a gaffe that’s made headlines across the country and was even parodied on Saturday Night Live.

But Oliver said it wasn’t funny when he had four guns pointed at his face and was handcuffed while cops searched his rural home.

Now, as he and his lawyer search for answers, Gatineau police are holding out on filing a warrant report, a document the court requires before it can release the affidavit police filed with reasons for the raid, the MacQuat’s lawyer says.

“We need the police affidavit because they said they have more reasons,” said lawyer Sylvain Marcotte.

“The affidavit is still confidential until the report is in the file. So we’re waiting for police.”

The police said the report was filed Jan. 12, but the court has no record of it, or of any search warrant for the MacQuat’s address. It couldn’t confirm whether the file had been sealed.

When contacted by QMI Agency for answers, police spokeswoman Const. Isabelle Poirier deferred to the city, adding that the city’s legal team is handling the case now.

A spokeswoman there couldn’t say when the police will have more answers for the MacQuats.

Contrary to reports, the MacQuats aren’t considering suing, Marcotte said.


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