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A Question For Mili Lib Readers

OK, fans of MilitantLibertarian.org, this is your chance to tell me what to do. Facebook has not responded to my query to restore the MiliLib account there, so I’m not holding out much hope that this will happen.  Screw them.

I had thought about making a Facebook Fan Page on my personal account, but I’ve tried to keep the two separate so that most of the friends on my personal account are people that I actually know and interact with rather than the legions of mindless fans people who know me as Militant Libertarian.  ;)  I’d like to keep it that way, I think, so I won’t be creating that fan page.  Besides, the plugin I used to integrate this site with its Facebook account doesn’t work well with pages and I have yet to find one that really does.

So my plan is to use something other than Facebook.  I know that will probably kill the “social integration” of MilitantLibertarian.org, but so be it.  People can still post totally anonymous commentary here anyway.  No FB login needed.

What’s that other thing?  George Donnelly has begun a new FB/Twitter mashup for people like us called Agri.io.  I’ve asked for an account there.  If he’s willing, or if he brings it out of beta soon, I think most of us can use that instead.

“So, what was all this about me being able to tell you what to do, Militant?”

Oh ya, that bit.  You control freak you.  OK, let’s get to the part where you tell me what you want me to do and I go along with it.

For my birthday, which is firmly set in the center of Capricorn (for those of you who’re wondering), a friend gave me a present.  That present was something I’d frankly never thought of getting in all the years I’ve had MilitantLibertarian.org.  That present?  MilitantLibertarian.COM!  How cool is that?

Now here’s the part where you get to tell me what to do.  I’ve been thinking about this new domain and what to do with it.  Currently, it just points to the ORG domain.  That’s pretty lame.  I have some ideas and I’m sure that you all, being the intelligent types that visit sites like mine, will have some too.

What should I do with MilitantLibertarian.com?  Here are my thoughts:

  1. Create a sort of business directory of patriot/liberty-minded businesses similar to that done by Chuck Baldwin, but with a more agrarian bent (aka fewer requirements) and a somewhat more interactive, stand-alone makeup than Chuck’s has.   I get a lot of queries from people wanting to advertise here (MiliLib.org doesn’t take advertising outside of Google’s random stuff) and this would seem to be a great place to do that.
  2. Create some kind of chat/forum space for interaction amongst people who visit this site.  This idea has been proposed to me several times over the years, but frankly, I think it’s over-done and already done well in other locations.  I don’t see what I would add that would be better.
  3. Build a sort of open marketplace for buyers/sellers who want to sell, trade, etc.  This would be similar to eBay, I guess, but without the heavy restrictions and fees.  The real trouble would be keeping the spammer-style sellers off the site, which I’d probably do by manually approving/moderating signups.  This could be tied into #1.
  4. Make another blog that is just me talking. This idea is, to me, kind of lame since I already have Militant Rants and I rarely write political stuff anyway.  But who knows?  Maybe I could write a weekly column and end up in the big time – you know, getting published on LewRockwell and Reason or something.  ;)
  5. Auction off the domain name to the highest bidder and just run off with the cash.  I like this idea, just because of the money part.

Those are just a few ideas.  You might have some of your own.  Post them in the commentary below and let me know!  I’ll be leaving this post up for a few days and tabulating results.

To totally bias you, I’m going to say that I like #s 1 and 3 best.  They could be combined, of course.  #1 would not require much work on my part and would potentially be a great resource.  #3 would require a lot of work to set up, but would also be a great resource.  To comply with da law, however, I’d have to put a fair number of restrictions on #3 and it would require a lot of moderation.  I frankly don’t have a lot of time on my hands, so that may not be realistic.

Anyway, let me know what you think.  You can post a comment below with your vote or ideas or email me directly.