Liberty Commentary

Beware Of The Patriot Pied Pipers

by Silver Shield, DontTreadOnMe

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”~ Daniel Webster

The National Tea Party will fail because they have NO idea what they are up against. We have seen this movement mobilize, march and protest the political status quo. Their impact has been felt far and wide. Unfortunately, all of this will fail in the end because the same Elite that control both of the Republicans and Democrats have already begun to infiltrate, corrupt and destroy the National Tea Party. Before I go into how this has been accomplished right underneath our noses, I feel it is important to see how we got here.

Ron Paul’s R3volution of the 2008 campaign was the spark that started the fire of the Freedom Movement and eventually the Tea Party.  He introduced himself to America as the “Champion of the Constitution.”  When he spoke, he focused his arguments on what the Constitution said about the issue and never really focused on himself. (This is a rarity with the narcissistic political landscape.)  This idea driven campaign stood in stark contrast to the sound bite, talking point campaigns of the establishment.  It is crazy that somehow parroting sound bites count as informed and enlightened thoughts.

“First they ignore you…”

Ron Paul’s campaign started slowly as he spread his ideas with grass roots support with the help of the internet.  Mr. Paul did not receive much in the way of main stream media coverage.  With the fawning over the Obama Messiah and Hillary Clinton, there was barely any room for the Republicans.  When the Republicans did get attention, they focused on establishment monkeys like Giuliani and McCain.  Ron Paul was seen as a footnote and completely ignored.

“Then they laugh at you…”

When it came time for the debates, all of the other Republicans mocked Ron Paul and his seemingly old fashioned beliefs in the Constitution.  They openly laughed him as he said that we should not be involved inentangling foreign alliances and policing the world. He was sneered at when he introduced to the debate panel what “blow back” is and why America has lost it’s stature in the world.  He was derided about the economic reality of going further into debt and the destruction of the dollar.  He was jeered at when he suggested that we need less government intrusion in our lives with the War on Terror.

“Then they fight you…”

When it became apparent Ron Paul was a serious contender, raising money and gaining support in spite of the media’s best efforts to stop him.   Both sides of the Republican and Democrat establishmentattacked him.  He was called every name in the book.  An isolationist, an anti-Semite, a “wacko,” “a nut,” “a loon,” etc..  They went on to say that he represents the radical fringe element and not a serious candidate.  I felt the most unprofessional attack came from the arrogant George Stephanopoulos at 7:22.  Even Sean Hannity could not spin Ron Paul’s victory at the debates.

“Then you win.” ~Mohandas Gandhi

While Ron Paul’s campaign did not end in Presidential victory, no one can deny that the Freedom Movement and the ensuing Tea Party is starting to dominate the political landscape. This growing and decentralized movement is educating people about everything that made this country great.  The issues are far and wide, everything from the Federal Reserve to immigration.  The truth is getting out there.

The important and ultimately the most dangerous part to the Elite is that the Freedom Movement is a movement of ideas and not personalities.  Ideas cannot be attacked as effectively as personalities and organizations.  When election time comes, the establishment knows how to sway voters based off of irrational emotions instead of rational ideas.  We all heard “Change” and “Yes We Can.”  That was played over and over again while Ron Paul’s excellent statesmanship was derided as “crazy talk”.   People are starting to see that “crazy talk,” is simply not going along with the Elite’s agenda.  The Elite may have won the 2008 election battle with one of their fully bought and paid for puppets, but the war has just begun.  They did take important notice to the advancement made by the Freedom Movement and are actively moving against it.

Most of us have now matured to the fact that we do not have any political freedom and there is not real choice.

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