Fighting Back

Economic disobedience on the rise

Mili Note: This isn’t perfect and their reasoning isn’t always correct, but they have the right idea at least.

by Eric Stoner, Waging Nonviolence

Last week, Russia Today ran this interesting segment on the rise what some are calling “economic disobedience,” during these difficult times. As the Huffington Post explains:

With falling wages, cuts in benefits, and alarming public transportation fare hikes, New Yorkers are fighting back with their own brand of economic disobedience. The video below is about the People’s Transportation Program, an organization that is purchasing unlimited Metrocards and giving people free rides as a protest to the recent MTA fare increase ($104 for a monthly unlimited!).

To learn more about the People’s Transportation Program, check out this in-depth piece on the movement by our friends at the Indypendent. It appears that the group no longer has a website, but they did put out this YouTube video in 2009, which gives a brief explanation of their idea.


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John and Dagny Galt

While we don’t disagree with gaming the rigged game most are forced at gunpoint to patronize…

This sort of activity is just one more reason for the overlords to do away with cash and cards, and to claim the only way to prevent this gaming is with embedded microchips or some biometric system like retina scans.

Then, when someone purchased an unlimited fare…it would be directly associated with their retina or chip…and no one elses.

Still…anything to smash the state and pull people out of the mindless matrix zombieland looterfest.

And if you have not read, and or are not yet promoting Tom Baugh’s book Starving The Monkeys yet…SHAME on you!

Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
John and Dagny Galt
Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


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