Fighting Back

Montana Lawmaker Proposes Bill Were Feds Need Permission From Local Sheriff To Arrest Citizens Or Seize Property


It is sad that a bill has to be proposed to make it clear were the jurisdiction of the Federal Government and The State is. The truth is a lawmaker in Montana has to propose a bill to protect the people of his state from Federal abuses. We would not have any problems with the abuses of the Federal government at the hand of the alphabet soup agencies. If the local government followed the State and Federal Constitution. If local politicians were not out there looking for handouts from the Federal government in the form of a Federal Grant with strings attached that require breaking state and Federal laws. There would be no problem and we have our country back.
The proposed legislation is Senate Bill #114 drafted and introduced by State Senator Hinkle would require all Federal Agents to get permission from the county Sheriff if the government wants to seize property or persons. The Sheriff is the law of the county. There is no other. The President can not ell him what to do. The IRS can not give him orders. He does not answer to the governor of the state. He answers to the people who elected him. The Branch Davidian Compound would still be standing and people of Mount Carmel be alive today if the Sheriff did his job. Vicki and Sam Weaver would still be living if the Sheriff upheld his oath instead of being an errand boy getting coffee and donuts for the Feds
Many abuses by the Federal government would stop if local law enforcement agencies like the county Sheriff office quit worrying about going along to get along with unelected bureaucrats .Making some Federal agent mad rocking the boat should be the least of the Sheriffs worries.The Sheriff has been hired to protect the people of his county. Not the make friends and be everyone’s buddy in the Federal Government.The Sheriff was voted in to do a job. Protect the Rights of the people in his county and not be the water boy for the Feds. Maybe the good that can come of this legislation  if passed and becomes law. The county sheriff can be held accountable more by the people in his county when Federal agents come in and break law. The people will know who to blame.