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Obama administration expanding use of Guantánamo Bay: report

Mili Note: Well, he did promise “change” after all…

by Sahil Kapur, RawStory

Forget closing Guantánamo Bay — President Barack Obama has reportedly green-lighted a plan to begin charges against new detainees at the controversial off-shore prison for the first time under his administration.

“The Obama administration is preparing to increase the use of military commissions to prosecute Guantánamo detainees, an acknowledgment that the prison in Cuba remains open for business after Congress imposed steep new impediments to closing the facility,” the New York Times reported.

Administration officials told the newspaper they were preparing military tribunal trials for several suspected terrorists at the prison, signaling a major policy shift for Obama in the face of high pressure from Congressional Republicans and numerous Democrats.

The ban would soon be officially lifted by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

As a presidential candidate, Obama promised to close Guantánamo, arguing in part that it had become a worldwide symbol of a United States gone morally awry. He appeared to be making good on his pledge when he ordered the detention facility shut during his first week in office, explicitly banning its use for more suspects.

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