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FREE PETE – Wearing a Hat is NOT a Crime

by Ademo Freeman, CopBlock

This morning, two activist from Keene, NH had court for different reasons. As is common in Keene several other folks show up to support those who are facing justice from the man which is why Pete and I were in court, even though it was -15 degrees (said one person). The court experience started off like normal with the emptying of your pockets and spreading them for the bailiff to ‘wand you.’ Then a few of us proceeded down the hall and into the court room. That’s when another bailiff called out to Pete and I turned on my camera.

Another view from [name removed at request]’s cell phone:

After Pete was taken out of our site in the courthouse, James Schlessinger of, got this footage of two officers putting Pete into a cop car. A short time after that Andrew “280? and I went to the Keene Police department and County Jail to see what we could find. Pete is refusing to provide his name and to willfully proceed with the booking process, and why should he — his actions never harmed anyone, I’m not sure when he’ll be released or how long they can ‘legally’ hold him. I encourage you to pass this post around the webs and to continue calling both the jail and the Keene Police station. Demand, politely, that they release the John Doe who was arrested for wearing a hat in a public building. This has worked in the past and every time we get more effective. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Make a phone call. The Cheshire Co Jail where Pete is being held: 603.903.1600 Keene Police 603.357.9813 Two officers in video attacking Pete:

James Cemorelis (full uniform, possible Sgt) – Number above + extension 7117 (email:
Matt Griffin (grey shirt) extension 7182
Join the FREE PETE page on FB. I hope the call floods to those who are responsible for initiation of force continue until Pete is released. I’ll be attempting to get interviews from police and jailers alike over the next few days or until they release Pete. If you can, please take video of audio of your call and post updates here or on Facebook. Hopefully Pete will be free soon. FYI, George Donnelly has started, where you’ll be able to follow the story as well. From there I found this pic of a police officer wearing a hat in court moments after I was kicked out and after Pete was dragged into a police car. One set of laws for them and another for us…


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Paul Turner

The Facebook page is Free Pete Eyre.


Let me get this straight. The cop asked him to take off his hat in courty and your friend refused. Then after they handcuffed him he refused to stand so they had to drag him. Then in jail he refused to give his name. And you think we should be on his side??? Why wouldn’t he just take his hat off?? why not stand up and walk when he was handcuffed? Why not give his name?? Is he a gluton for punishment???

Militant Libertarian

Two points you completely ignore: 1) why is not taking his hat off an arrestable offense. 2) why aren’t the cops held to the same “no hats allowed” standards (see photo)?

As for refusing, it’s his right to refuse. They had no right to arrest him, so refusing to cooperate with their arrest by not standing, not giving his name, etc. is his protest of their infringement on his rights.

It’s called “civil disobedience.” Look it up.

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