Militant Rants

Last night’s speech

MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Dear MoveOn member,

This bit of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s speech last night pretty much sums up the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union:

“Last week we voted to repeal ObamaCare, and each day going forward, we must work hard to dismantle the massive government expansion that has happened over the past two years.”1

No response to the President’s many, many proposals (some of them based on Republican ideas!). Just, “Repeal ObamaCare.”

If you needed any more proof that House Republicans will single-mindedly focus on destroying one of the most progressive pieces of legislation passed in the last 40 years, now you have it.

Dear MoveOn (Please!)

Well, let me ask you this, then, MoveOn: if Obamacare is so “progressive” and so great and if the Democraps did such a great job putting it in place for us.. why did they lose their stranglehold on Washington to the Republicants?

I mean, if what they did is so awesome, how come the American people told them to get the fuck out?

Seems to me that the vote should have told you something. Of course, that would require you to admit that you’re not a majority in this “democracy” and you’re precious “progressive” bullshit isn’t what America is all about.

If you want “progressive” socialism so much, move to goddamn Europe and have it. The rest of America has made it pretty clear that we don’t want it. Hell, we’ll even pay your tickets to go. It’ll be cheaper in the long run.