Militant Rants

Putting the Criminal in the Justice System – Kelly Williams-Bolar

Our criminal justice system is a mixed bag affair that metes out justice on a daily basis.  Some criminals require more justice than others, of course.  Especially criminals against the all-powerful State.

Hard-core, serious and dangerous criminals like Chris Drew, the artist in Chicago who dared to commit the serious crime of not only offering his work for sale on a public sidewalk without first paying the state for a permit so he could have permission to do so… No, he didn’t just dare to commit that crime, but then he had the audacity to film police officers arresting him!  It’s a good thing the brave people of the criminal justice system were able to get this dangerous miscreant off the streets!

Chris Drew is a patent saint compared to our next felon, however.  Have you heard of Kelly Williams-Bolar?  She’s the hard-eyed, dangerous mother of two in Ohio who committed multiple acts of felonious intent by daring to put her daughters into a school other than the one allowed for by the state.  Yes!  She dared to move her daughters to a new school by lying about their address so they would be in a safer, higher-rated public school in the Ohio system.

The audacity!  The pure meanness!  This woman deserves maximum punishment!  I can’t believe she would be allowed to be a mother, she’s so obviously evil to the core!  Toss her in a cage and throw away the key!  Rapists and pedophiles won’t sink to the depths of hell that this woman has achieved!

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m glad that the all-seeing, all-powerful government machine is there to take care of these dregs of society and keep their evil ways off of our shining streets of justice.