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Readers Answer and New Liberty Social Network

OK, in response to my Question to MiliLib Readers last week, the feedback was pretty close to unanimous.  A friend of the website has donated the MilitantLibertarian.com domain (which currently points here as a forwarding address) and I asked you all what you though I should do with it.

Of the six responses on the post itself, 5 said I should go with option #1 – creating a new site that is a listing of patriot/liberty-minded businesses.

Of the five responses sent via email and two direct messages via Twitter, four said I should do option #1.

The rest of the responses were in favor of option #3, which was to create a sort of libertarian-style eBay.

What I’m going to do is get rolling on the first option.  It will take some time, since right now things are pretty tight time-wise (think: two babies in the house and a truck that needs its engine upper overhauled).  I believe I will get going on this in the next two or three weeks.  Once the business directory is up (I’ll set up rules and whatever for what being “liberty minded” means and mention that here when it’s up), then I’ll think about creating a free classifieds area (or similar) for buying/selling items as well – but that will likely be down the road a ways.

So in the next month or so, expect to hear mention of MilitantLibertarian.com being up-and-running as a standalone site.


Now for the other half of this post.  I made mention of a new libertarian-minded (there are actually more anarchist members at present) social network called Agr.io.  I’m on there, of course, as “militantlibertarian.”  The site auto-publishes to the network and I’m somewhat active on it – way more than I have been on Twitter for the past year.

I’ve been given permission to invite new members.  The network is totally free and works like Twitter, but with a larger posting area (750 characters) and other cool functionality.  If you use tools like Seesmic or Tweetdeck, and have heard of StatusNet, then you can integrate Agr.io into those tools.  Or you can use it purely from the Web (as I do).

If you’d like an invitation, just shoot me an email and ask for one or leave a comment below (be sure your email is entered in the email field) and ask for an invite.  I’ll send one as soon as I see your request.

So far, Agr.io has proven to be a great little network.  It’s not very large (yet), but is pretty active with a lot of quality info and discussion.