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Wikileaks Bombshell Points To 9/11 Stand Down

by Paul Joseph Watson, IW

Newly released Wikileaks documents concerning the activities of three Qatari men who conducted surveillance of the World Trade Center and boarded flights on the eve of the 9/11 attacks adds to the plethora
of evidence that at the very least US authorities were aware of the
plot and deliberately stood down.

“The FBI has launched a manhunt for a previously unknown team of men suspected to be part of the 9/11 attacks,” reports the Daily Telegraph.

Secret documents reveal that the three Qatari men conducted
surveillance on the targets, provided “support” to the plotters and had
tickets for a flight to Washington on the eve of the atrocities.

Ten days later they flew to Los Angeles, where they stationed
themselves in a hotel near the airport which the FBI has now
established was paid for by a “convicted terrorist”, who also paid for
their airline tickets.

Hotel staff have told investigators they saw pilot uniforms in their
room along with computer print outs detailing pilot names, flight
numbers and times and packages addressed to Syria, Afghanistan,
Jerusalem and Jordan.

The revelation that these men may have been involved in the
pre-planning for 9/11 again highlights the fact that the plot was known
ahead of time. Whether they were double agents laying a trail for the
attack to be later blamed on Muslim patsies or they were genuinely
part of the plot is immaterial, the fact that their behavior, amidst a myriad of other obvious indications that an attack was imminent, was not acted upon by US authorities, provides yet more evidence of a stand down.

The US Special Operations Command’s Able Danger program
identified the hijackers and their accomplices long before 9/11, but
when the head of the program, Colonel Anthony Shaffer, tried to pass
the information on to the 9/11 Commission, he was gagged and slandered
and the vital information his team had passed on was ignored and

Curt Weldon, Former U.S. Republican Congressman and senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, documented how the US government tracked the hijackers’ movements before 9/11.

Louai al-Sakka, the man who trained six of the hijackers, was a CIA informant. A number of the other alleged hijackers were trained at US air bases. In the months prior to 9/11, alleged hijackers Khalid Almidhar and Nawaf Alhazmi were renting rooms in a house owned and lived in by an FBI informant.

In a 2002 article entitled The Hijackers We Let Escape,
Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman documented how, “The
CIA tracked two suspected terrorists to a Qaeda summit in Malaysia in
January 2000, then looked on as they re-entered America and began
preparations for September 11.”

The fact that there were numerous Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists
involved in the pre-planning stages of 9/11 is unsurprising given
former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds’ testimony that Bin Laden was working for the US right up until the day of 9/11.

On the very morning of 9/11, the money man behind the alleged hijackers, Pakistan’s ISI Chief Mahmoud Ahmad, was meeting with U.S. government and intelligence officials.

Indeed, even after 9/11, the so-called spiritual leader of the very
hijackers who allegedly slammed Flight 77 into the Pentagon, Anwar
al-Awlaki, was himself invited to dine with Pentagon top brass mere months after the attack.

Al-Awlaki was later involved in directing the underwear bomber, who was allowed to board the plane by order of the US State Department aided by a well-dressed man who got Abdulmutallab on the airliner despite the fact that he was on a terror watch list and had no passport. Eyewitness and Delta 253 passenger Kurt Haskell subsequently blew the whistle
to state that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was given the bomb by the US
government to create a pretext for the implementation of naked body
scanners and boost the TSA’s budget.

While there has been plenty of focus on possible connections between
other Muslim terror suspects and the alleged 9/11 hijackers, little
has been said about the role of the infamous “dancing Israelis”
who brazenly displayed their foreknowledge of the plot after they were
witnessed setting up camera equipment pointed at the World Trade
Center before the attack unfolded.

When the planes slammed into the towers, the men were seen dancing, cheering and congratulating each other.

The details of these new Wikileaks documents only serve to confirm
that there were numerous drills and preparatory actions taking place
immediately prior to 9/11 indicating that an attack was imminent. What
the Telegraph and the rest of the establishment media will refuse to
mention in any of these reports is the confirmed fact that through Able
Danger and other intelligence operations, these events were being
closely tracked by US authorities.

Add to this the complete reversal of standard operating procedure on the day of 9/11 in relation to NORAD’s failure to intercept any of the hijacked
airliners, and the evidence for a government and military stand down
which at the very least allowed the attack to take place is abundant.