The NWO's Chains

Bills Gates and the Pansexual Agenda

by Zen Gardner, Natural Medicine

It seems one of the requirements for being an elite globalist is throwing your moral compass to the dogs.

But no one notices. The elite have their exclusive clubs and playgrounds to revel in while the media tells us how righteous and good they are.

Only the elites know how corrupt and vile they really are. But that’s Luciferianism. Ultimately there are no morals to the “truly enlightened”. Those of us who draw the line between good and evil, and good and bad behavior are considered dumb cattle. Their only creed is ultimately greed for power, and it’s fueled by lust.

The Gates Foundation Agenda

Bill Gates is hardly a “people person”. He and his Gates Foundation fund everything against humanity you can imagine.  From deadly flu shots and possible involuntary airborne flu mists, to dangerous genetically modified foods and animals, including the newly released “modified mosquitoes” in Malaysia, the impact of which is completely unknown.

He’s even promoting a mega data base tracking the progress of these life-crippling vaccines to further “techno-sterilize” the image of what they’re doing…much like the IBM data cards used in the Nazi death camps. All the while he’s also supporting serious tampering with the environment funding geoengineering techniques including persistent contrails or “chemtrails” as well as “cloud ships” to so-called mitigate the Illuminist-inspired false “global warming” threat.

He and Melinda even announced “vaccines are our favorite” as if it’s a candy shop of goodies to throw at the groveling people of the earth. “Let them eat vaccines…” Surreal but true.

Gates is the Name, Depopulation Their Game

Anyone connecting the dots can tell this is nothing but pure eugenics at work, a depopulation program of mega proportions, sanitized by the do-gooder image of this enabled former computer geek turned “benevolent benign benefactor” and with a free pass to strongly promote whatever he wants without regard to consequences.

Not well known is that his father, former head of Planned Parenthood, is the third leg co-chair of this mega-foundation, a foundation that is five times larger than the second place Ford Foundation, along with Bill and his wife Melinda. Think he might have an agenda?

When you don’t need money, influence and power are the name of the game. And the game is world domination by these same elites. And you’re watching the current popularized front runners of the agenda mind-swill we’re expected to swallow.

The Social Agenda

This same agenda has vast social as well as scientific applications. While Bill’s credibility is based on the assumption that he’s somehow “scientifically savvy” by an unwary world sucked into this philanthropic con, he’s also into substantially supporting seemingly “social” causes. One of these is gay porn, and gay activism.

This is from a magazine concerned about the moral decay of America.

( – The UK Independent revealed today that Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has acquired a major stake in a homosexual activist publishing company.  SEC Filings reveal that Cascade Investment, which invests Gates’ money, is among a group of investors that has bought a $26.2 million share in PlanetOut, a publishing company which runs Out magazine as well as the dating website which is used primarily for sexual “hook-ups” and all-gay RSVP Cruises.

According to Pink News, the new investors, including Mr Gates, will collectively own a majority of the shares in PlanetOut, likely to total 56.3 per cent of the company.

Despite Gates’ extensive funding of population control, he had until this point been considered relatively conservative.  With this move, however, he has crossed over into areas that are highly controversial even in the mainstream media.  The online material put out by the company features hard core homosexual pornography. Source

Well what do you know, ol’ Bill doesn’t mind seeing society decay a little further either. Right on the agenda.

No biggie, you say? Where’s the tolerance?

Ric Weiland, left, and Bill Gates at the Microsoft table during the 1976 National Computer Conference in New York City. Ex-Microsoft employee and benefactor, Weiland, an ardent gay activist, had his estate donate $65 million to gay charities following his ‘suicide’ in 2006. Gates “followed suit”.

The Pansexual Agenda

While people are obviously entitled to their own preferences in life, there are boundaries. If suicide and murder became the rage in schools, would parents just stand idly by? If there were demonstrations proclaiming the benefits of suicide and murder, would everyone just lay down and feel bad for not allowing others their right to choice and encouraging the same bad choice for other people?

You decide what’s right. Not the media. Or professional agenda pushers.

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