When All Else Fails

A Storm is a Comin’

by Professor X, Dont-Tread-On.Me

After all of my years of life and my decades long study of economic systems, social systems, financial systems, and political systems, I have concluded the they are all based on one primary false assumption. The false assumption that we can always depend on an infinite supply of earthly resources. The world is like a fish tank with 6 billion inhabitants and the water is getting murkier by the year if not month.

When the “Infinite Supply Paradigm” smashes into the “Finite Resource Reality”, it will be a sustained collision of epic proportions! One that mother earth herself (and ALL of her incredible biodiversity) will be in grave danger of contamination so severe it could take hundreds if not thousands of years for her to cleanse herself. Yes, if we managed our worldwide resources with an eye toward a healthy state of equilibrium things could definitely be much more sustainable, but from my observations, that is not going to happen any time soon.

Throughout history Reigning empires (aka Superpowers) that are economically faltering, either collapse outright (i.e. the Soviet Union) or they go to war (10,000 years of history verifies that).  All of the ‘state isms” that are now primarily controlled by global corporate entities, which I’ll remind the unacquainted -are economic machines driven towards short term profit and have no regard for anything that impedes them from attaining their objectives. The corporation is a legally protected entity that is allowed to engage in profit making endeavors that are not clearly identifiable as harmful to mankind in the short term, but in the long term, common sense cries out to us and tells us they are rotten to the core!  They are so powerful, they literally control governments!!!

Long ago humans in their infinite greed, created a legal machine so dangerous to the human race that it rivals the atomic bomb. But at least with atomic bombs, you can easily identify them and have a chance of dismantling them.

The global corporation is so insidious it feeds upon anything that will generate profit; like mosquitoes at night in a warm, healthy swamp –uncontrolled corporate greed is not a good blueprint for the world to be following. As I alluded to earlier, when our world wide “state isms” systems that are falsely based on infinite supply crash into the true reality that mother earth can only deliver a finite supply of resources and still have the capacity to rejuvenate herself, the fireworks are going to blow!

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly clear the long term destructive nature of the global corporate structure is very dangerous to mankind’s survival and the “this is how we’ve always done it mentality” creates a high probability of the corporate model causing irreparable damage to our world -or should I say -”taking our current  way of life to the point of no return.”

All I can emphasize is this, enjoy everyday to its fullest, and try to remember that great civilizations before us may have perished but enough aware individuals survived to continue to carry the torch onward, hopefully mankind can still survive the inevitable “hard rain that’s coming”.  Those who fail to prepare, are preparing to perish. Those who are aware of the hurricane first, have the best chance of surviving the almost guaranteed unpleasant transition period that awaits us. Take care, and good luck!


Professor X

(Editor’s Note: I am really proud to introduce Professor X as a new contributor to the Dont-Tread-On.Me blog. He has completed the Sons of Liberty Academy and is a really sharp guy. This was a great first shot across the bow and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future. – Silver Shield)