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Obama’s 1M EV Goal and the Dept. of Reality

by Aaron Turpen, EVMeme

President Obama said that having over a million electric vehicles on the road in the U.S. by 2015 is doable.  Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Department of Energy jumped in to back up his claims with a nifty chart and some projected sales figures.

The government, of course, doesn’t bother having a Department of Reality because, well, that department’s job would be to make every other department look bad.  In government, competition is bad, synergy is good.  So hello Department of Energy, sorry non-existent Department of Reality.

Here’s the fun chart the DOE put on display to showcase their figures.  All of these numbers come from the production figures and media reports given by the various automakers involved.  Read that again if you missed it: all of this is based on the marketing hype of the various automakers involved in making electric vehicles (plug-ins).

Ya, the DOE is basing their figures on the marketing numbers of automakers.

So apparently the U.S. Department of Energy is now a marketing arm for manufacturers like Fisker, GM, Tesla, and others – in other words, it’s now the Department of Hype.  Nevermind the inherent flaws in the numbers on the DOE’s chart to start with.

And nevermind reality, we have the DOH!