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New mini documentary exposes the truth about fluoride: Industrial waste chemicals passed off as medicine

by Mike Adams, NaturalNews

Water fluoridation around the world is achieved through the purchase of chemically contaminated toxic waste chemicals from China which are then labeled “fluoride” and dumped into public water supplies in local cities and towns. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new mini documentary released today by the Consumer Wellness Center (

The video is now available for viewing on NaturalNews.TV:…

The 12-minutevideodocuments the history offluorideand how this toxic chemical is produced as an industrial byproduct of the phosphate miningindustry. Decades ago, fluoride used to be released into the air through the smokestacks of phosphateminingoperations, but this resulted in the widespreaddeathof cattle and plants on nearby farms and ranches. To stop the deaths, phosphate mining companies installed “wet scrubbers” that captured thetoxicfluoride chemical vapors.

Whileconsumersmight think that deadly fluoridechemicalscaptured in these wet scrubbers are disposed of as hazardous industrialwaste, the surprising truth is that they are sold tocitiesand towns as “fluoride” to be dumped into the localwater supplywhere they are consumed by adults andchildren. This is all being done to “prevent cavities” — a medical claim that technically turns fluoride into an unapproveddrugbeing used in an illegal mass medication scheme.

The FDA has never approved fluoride as a drug, and no recipient of fluoride has ever been medically evaluate for their “need” for the drug.

The full story of fluoride is revealed in The Fluoride Deception, available for viewing at the Consumer Wellness Center

The making of The Fluoride Deception

The video was created and narrated by consumer health advocateMike Adams, the executive director of the CWC. Adams is best known for creating the “Blueberry Deception”documentarywhich revealed many name-brand breakfast cereals that claim to be made withblueberriesare actually made with petrochemicals and artificial colors (and contain no blueberries at all). That video is also available at the CWCwebsite.

“Consumers have a right to know what’s in theirwater,” Adams explained. “They have a right to know where chemical fluoride really comes from, because if they knew the truth about this industrial chemical, they would never allow their children to consume it.”

The Fluoride Deceptionalso takes aim at doctors and dentists who have long recommended fluoride without telling people where the chemical fluoride really comes from. “They tell you it’s good for your teeth,” Adams explained. “But they don’t tell you how it damages your brain, your bones, yourhealthand the environment. They don’t tell you about the toxic cadmium, lead and other deadly materials that routinely contaminate the fluoride dumped into the water supply.”

As The Fluoride Deception ultimately reveals, the practice ofwater fluoridationis a method by whichthe phosphate mining industry can dispose of itstoxic wastebyproductsby passing them through the bodies of people first.

The video is available for viewing at:…

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