Rethinking Paradigms


from Ben Sommer

A while ago, I was approached by Ben Sommer and asked if I’d check out his new album America’d.  After downloading it and listening to it several times now over the past few weeks, I feel I can give an honest assessment.

People who’ve been reading Militant Reviews for a while know that I’m a metal fan.  Most of the music I’ve reviewed here is either hard rock/heavy metal of some sort or it’s punk rock of some stripe.  Ben’s music definitely falls into the latter.

It’s a great sound and the best way I can describe it is by calling it like early stuff fromThe Cars. Except with better guitar solos.  And lyrics.  Come to think of it, The Cars sucked.  Ben doesn’t.

The lyrics are entirely anti-establishment.  The titles of the songs will give you a hint of that focus: Adult Children, Speekie Engrish, Henry Kissinger, Little Hitlers, Sumerian Proletarian, Right Wing Fiend, Saint Martha, and Kill the Estrogen Queens.

Although this really isn’t my style of music, I like it.  Enough that I’ll admit it’s on my cell phone now (my version of an iPod).

You can find out more about America’d at this link, where streaming songs are available as well as a link to get the album.  Below is his first video from the album: