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Opposition to Policing and the Law

from Gonzo Times

Workers solidarity movement has one of the best articles about policing and law I have read in quite a while. It really hits the issue hard and concise:

The police force is the state’s physical and intimidatory means of maintaining a desired status quo in society; one of socio-economic divisions and inequalities. Alexander Berkman stated that crime “is the result of economic conditions, of social inequality, of wrongs and evils of which government and monopoly are parents”. On the one hand we have the state, politicians, bosses and capitalists, who thrive on vast amounts of money and power. Instances of white collar crime, fraud and embezzlement that are actually investigated and brought before the courts are rare (they make up a small percentile of overall economically motivated crime). Most crime, and thus policing action, targets individuals and communities that suffer greatly from social and economic deprivation. In the last decade, crime has increased in areas like Tallaght and Blanchardstown. Drugs have devastated these communities, and economic and property related crimes have soared. Policing action in these areas, to quote Berkman again, “can only punish the criminal. They neither cure nor prevent crime. The only real cure for crime is to abolish its causes, and the government can never do that because it is there to preserve those very causes”.

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This brings me back to the argument I often get when speaking out against police. “It’s only thebad cops.” No, it’s not the rogue bad cops I oppose but the good law abiding cops. They are the crux of the state together with the military they provide the force necessary to rule a people by the initiation of force and violence.