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The 2008 Financial Crisis Was NOT Caused By Terrorists Unless By Terrorist You Mean Hank Paulson

from Daily Bail

How Paulson caused the crisis…

We saw this report a few days ago, but it was such an incompetent hack job that we didn’t bother covering it.  That hasn’t stopped Glenn Beck, Maria Bartiromo and Fox News, however.

In a nutshell, the author of the report claims that Islamists, the Russians, the Chinese, or even Osama Bin Laden himself, may have been responsible for the financial crisis and economic collapse of 2008-2009.  No evidence is offered, of course, but how do we know for sure?!  If we don’t have proof the terrorists didn’tdo it, then maybe they did, right?

You can read for yourself and decide what this “study” is worth.  After all, the Department of Defense commissioned it and you paid for it.

Economic Warfare: Risks and Responses by Kevin D. Freeman


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That sudden runup in oil just before the election and you think it was just coincidence? I originally thought it was a move intended to elect Obama. That may be part of the greater plan. But the important point is that the evidence seems to show there was in fact a greater plan. The story on this and other questionable events is not all out yet. Hold fire and lets see where this goes. I think we are looking at an ongoing attack on America.

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