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‘Make Wall St. Pay’ campaign debuts by occupying bank branch, House speaker’s office

by Stephen C. Webster, RawStory

A new campaign by a national network of activists kicked off Monday morning with a splash as it led hundreds of fed up homeowners in a series of protests that brought business to a halt at a major bank and the House speaker’s office.

The National People’s Action network picked Monday to launch the “Make Wall Street Pay” campaign thanks to another show in town: the National Association of Attorneys General’s Convention in Washington, D.C.

But they didn’t stop there.

Moving from the meeting of all 50 Attorneys General, the crowd made their way to a Bank of America branch on Pennsylvania Ave. While about 300 stood outside, another 300 moved indoors, filling up the lobby and bringing business to a standstill.

Then, they went to see if Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) was available, filing into his Capitol Hill offices to send an unambiguous message: Wall Street must pay.

“They delivered the message that we have a revenue crisis and that Wall Street must pay its fair share,” George Goehl, executive director of National People’s Action, told Raw Story in an exclusive interview.

“Attorneys General from all 50 states have launched an investigation into annual foreclosure fraud,” he continued. “American homeowners need this opportunity to save people’s homes, so people have been organizing all across the country, really heavily in about 15 states, to put pressure on AGs to get them to push for strong settlements on this stuff. That means principle reductions on mortgages and criminal penalties for bankers that are breaking the law.”

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John and Dagny Galt

Because if we just seize and nationalize everything, everyone will be ok.

Atlas Shrugged and Starving The Monkeys are playing out in real-time.

While we’re at it we can double the minimum wage, farm subsidies, ethanol subsidies, welfare checks, social security checks, disability checks, teacher salaries, bureaucrat salaries, enforcer salaries, firefighter salaries, mercenary salaries, etc…whirlybird ben can always borrow more air assets from the military-industrial-pharma-prison-complex to spew even more toilet-paper dollars from the air…sigh…argh.

Everyone’s a millionaire when bread is a hundred dollars a slice.

Starving The Monkeys and Ending The Looterfest,
John and Dagny Galt
Atlas Shrugged, Owners Manual For The Universe!(tm)


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