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Sherry Peel Jackson Released From Prison

Mili Note: I sent a few bucks via PayPal (info below) and received a heartfelt reply from Colin.  Because of small donations like mine, the mortgage on Sherry’s house has remained paid so she has a home to come back to.

from Larken Rose

Another political prisoner is on her way home. Sherry Peel Jackson, former IRS agent, truth-teller and courageous woman, is now out of prison and at “halfway house.” (For those who don’t know, “halfway house” is just about the most idiotic, obnoxious, unpleasant, counter-productive mechanism you can imagine for the supposed purpose of helping people transition back into society from prison.) With any luck, Sherry will be on “home confinement” soon, if she’s not already. I’m not sure when she’ll be finished with the
whole ordeal.

Sherry deserves more support than we can possibly ever give her. Nothing will give her that chunk of her life back, or make up for the damage done by the control freaks who did this to her. But we can at least give her and her family some words of support and a few dollars. Luckily, most of us will never really know what it was like for Sherry to have to go through that, for having dared to tell the truth. The price she paid cannot be measured just in time and money, believe me.

If you want to donate to Sherry’s family by PayPal, you can just send funds directly to “”. Or, if you want to send funds, letters, gifts, whatever, by snail mail, use this address:

Colin Jackson
1560 Fieldgreen Overlook
Stone Mountain, GA 30088

By the way, if you think some donation is too small to be worth making, make it anyway. If everyone who gets this message sent one wimpy little dollar, Sherry’s family would get several thousand dollars. And don’t tell me you can’t spare one dang dollar for a returning political prisoner. I’m dang near destitute, and she’ll be getting more than a buck from me. If you can do a lot, great. If you can help a little, help a little. Trust me on this: from
Sherry’s perspective, each dollar won’t just be a financial thing; it will be a message that what she did, and who she is, have not been forgotten.


Larken Rose


Militant Libertarian

Site owner, philosopher, certified genius, and general pain in the establishment's ass.


Walter Buller

I had the pleasure of attending two of Sherry’s lectures before the gestapo incarcerated her. Not only is she beautiful, but she is articulate and passionate in the defense of freedom. What is so hairpulling aggravating to me is the fact that the only reason she went to prison is the ignorance, apathy, fear, and irresponsibility of those who served on the jury, her fellow Americans. It seems to me that we need to launch a major effort to educate Americans about their power and independence as jury persons, especially regarding the principle of jury nullification. It also seems to me that we need to start having money bombs for courageous Americans like Sherry, Larken, Tommy Cryer, and anyone else who needs support as a result of being hammered by the gestapo. A date could be set aside for it. Advance notice could be given. Ron Paul received record amounts of cash this way prior to the last presidential election. Why couldn’t we do this for other deserving souls like Sherry, etc?


Great idea! I know Sherry has a PayPal as does Larken. Speaking of, if you haven’t read Larken’s latest (The Most Dangerous Superstition), I’d highly recommend it. It’s available on

Don Conner

I am sending via pay pal now. I live on 726 dollars a month retirement income, don’t do food stamps. I know there are those out there capable of doing much more. For that matter, I consider it a part of my tithe.


Will she have to pay taxes on donations?


Suppose the question is WILL she pay the taxes on donations.

Martha Huertas

I would like to see the video of Sherry coming out of jail. Please. I tried to click in but could not can you email me the link. Thank you. Look forward to watching it.


Video? Where? I haven’t seen or heard of a video of Sherry leaving jail. I’ve talked to both her close friends and her family, though, and know that she is now in a halfway house (as described above). No video, though.


I heard Sherry speak previously on vidio in past years. I have sent a small donation and I hope it helps this brave lady. At present the UK Gov is trying to take my home from me here in Ireland but the truth will come out. I don’t owe them a penny as I paid all they demanded! Their computers are getting the blame and I am getting no resonses.
I am trying the freedom of information ACT!

Blessings to Sherry and her family.

Anthony O` Byrne

HI Dolores
you are not on your own in this one, but you must stand your ground as the house of cards is about to tumble, I am not sure if you are aware of TNS Ireland if not then I would advise you to hook up with the movement and contact where you will also receive support in your fight for Justice


The TPUC website has lots of useful information on tax and the difference between statutes and law. Might be useful.

Anthony O` Byrne

I have just read the dispicable carry on which Sherry Jackson has been subjected to,like here in the UK it is the people who are to blame for allowing this to happen, she is an unsung heroine who has the guts and heart to stand up to the machine which is hastily consumeing the USA and the rest of the World, this is being orchestrated from a distance, but these monsters who are at the back of this and many more cases like Sherry are on the way out as their system is crumbling in on itself and they have no where in which to hide as the light of truth and justice will seek them out,
I will be donating to Sherry because her stand is my stand
if there is a God then God bless her


How about petitioning?
If a 100,000,000 people email the jail she’s in, that’d be a help, no?

God Bless you Sherry


Money sent to her PayPal account. May she keep fighting for the “little” guy. Bless her heart and all she has done!


If you wish to take a step away from the system, including freedom from unlawful taxation, you MUST prepare yourself with knowledge of THE LAW. Now, i don’t mean STATUTORY BS law, i mean THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, and THE COMMON LAW. You must understand WHO and WHAT you are. Now i’m sure some idiot is going to post a comment about, “the constitution was suspended… blah blah.” well, i’ve used the constitution in court, i’ve seen what happens. QUITE LITERALLY TURNED THE COURT UPSIDE DOWN, watch the judge TURN AGAINST the Police, the Prosecutor, AND the Public Pretender, TO SAVE HIS OWN ASS! All we said was, “From what i understand both you and opposing counsel have entered a valid oath of office to uphold the CONSTITUTION FOR The United States of America and the State Constitution, is that correct sir?”

the judge just about did a back flip, stood up suddenly, pointed his finger at the Prosecution and said, “Well, I know i have! but I don’t know about those guys!!!”

Just to prove, there is no honor among corporate thieves. At that point the DA and the PD entered a state of PANIC.

It was the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen.

I’ve had my probation terminated, and helped have a friends case reduced from a felony to an infraction, had his guns returned to him, including one that wasn’t registered, and the last i heard from my friend, they are going to drop the charges.

Say what you will, I know what my eyes have seen.

Cruden v. Neale 2 N.C. 338 2 S.E. 70:
“Every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow man without his consent.”

check out Yick Wo v. Hopkins 118 US.


The supreme law of the land is Natural Law. It has nothing to do with “common law” or any other man-made “law.” Man can’t make “law” only “rules.” Laws are unchanging, with the exception of the law of change.

We need to evolve from this barbaric and archaic system called “government.”

However, I do agree with you whole-heartedly that one must educate themselves on the various levels of this system.

I know exactly what you mean when you say “say what you will, I know what my eyes have seen” because I’ve had those experiences myself. What’s “abnormal” to most, is normal in my world. I suspect it is the same for you.

At any rate, I just had to comment, because I believe that in addition to pointing people to the source of their problems, we should also be promoting evolution from this man-made nonsense, and work on establishing REAL free trade, just as commerce existed as a separate body of customs and practices, without the need of “government regulation,” the same could and SHOULD be worked towards now.


I imagine that Sherry and her family don’t want too much attention and also wonder whether she is gagged by the PTB that she can’t or won’t ever be in the public eye again? I for one am grateful to her but am grieved by her and her families sacrifice and for the brutal trauma of all they have endured.

I don’t know her and never heard of her until 15 months ago but am moved to send money or whatever I can to see that this strong, beautiful woman, a wife and a mother and yes a political hero, (FTPBTP) should not go FORGOTTEN. I would also like to see so called patriot talk show hosts bring her name back front and center so that the world understands what she has done and what it signifies.

I pray that God Keeps her and her family safe and may all others that come across the story of Sherry Peel Jackson feel a little bit more encouraged because the acts of this great woman.

I hope also that whomever is in touch with Sherry will let her know that she is in the prayers of people who don’t even know her.. Please update this site or give as much information as you can because those of us who want to send money (or wellwishes) need to know our efforts are getting to her directly.

Thank you


I wrote to Sherry when she was in prison and she always personally replied to my letters. I continue to support her through telling her story to other people, through donations, and through prayer. Sherry’s spirit and courage are remarkable. She makes me proud to be a human being.

I’m still one of those people who believes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The demonic psychopaths who rule this world and their minions (our so called politicians) are about to fall and when they do, I only hope that I’m here to see it.


Hi I watched all of the Utube shows and it is overwhelming! I unfortunately have a dibilatating childhood illness that I have lived with for 32 yrs. I always worked started at age 14. I always paid my tax’s. However in the year 2K I filed on time (atorney prepared) I owed 4K I forgot to sign & mailed them in. I put the states check in Federal but not the federal in the state. the state was 80.00. My sister died later that year, I divorced,and 911 happened. I moved to start over have a new life et… Long story short I become very ill in 2003 Highly medicated 2. No hope from Dr’s I could not work. I blew through my savings. During the IRS fileing I had 35k in my savings. All Gone! I was not able to work. I filed for social security disability and during the 1 1/2 yr waiting period I became homeless. I found a Dr and a friend I stayed with in Calif. My family looked the other way did not help me. I received a letter saying I was approuved for social security. in laguna niguel the social security offive & tax office shared a building. I had to originally gone in person. When I recieved the $ amount I would receive I went to social security & asked how was I going to live on this? My medicare would not start for a year my meds came to 2,400. my car pymt, rent, food et left me a deficit of – (2,200) per month. The supervisor at social security said most people work? I said really? I had 9 month where I could work still collect and not have to stop or share social security. Then when the nine months were up I could work six more months shareing my social. I never made it to five months. I was working at temp agencys because two of the full time jobs fired me in the first three months cuz I was calling out sick & just not able to focus when working. The jobs were retail. I was about to be evicted for the second time so I got a Uhaul left my car behind drove three states back home. An old friend moved me into her boss’s condo. I babysat her daughter while she worked. Things were looking up. I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed so my friend got pissed & had her boss evict me this now was my third eviction. My mom took me in she was living with her mother in a big house but none of us worked. My aunt who had power of attorney kicked my mom & I out of the house. three years had passed six years since the 2k tax’s. my mom & I loaded up what little stuff we had and went to AZ. we lived in motel 6. my mom at 62 got a job so she could take care of me. We lived in a tiny trailer in a very small mineing town. our cars were repossed so we had no transportation. Luckily we were in walking distance to the towns hospital and my Dr. I was attacked when walking my moms dog on a country road by a girl & a guy. I being the most frail and ill was arrested? I was never charged with a crime but was locked up in a holding area. After that ordeal no one came to our home saying I had a tax to settle? We then moved to Mesa AZ. We lived in a nice home and my mom still worked. I was on social security. two years passed it was now 2008 almost 2009. the man that rented us the house went into foreclosure and we had to move again! this is where I am now. My mom was blessed. She worked like a slave. I got a letter from social security my benefit was stopped because I worked in my waiting period. Oh I forgot to mention tax’s were taken from my SS check from the begining I received 1,040.00 per month IRS took 150.00 per month. When I called them about it they would only focus on me not fileing in 2002 & 2003. They said we wont address the garnishment until your back tax’s are filed. I gave up & let them have it! On July 9 2007 social security cut me off & sent me a bill for 48K. I went to work that same month with a local retailer where I work to this day. Last week on august 17th I went to cash me pay check I make 9.50 per hour. the IRS levied my pay check. It says I owe 1,142.47 for interest. All in All they took 8K for my original 4k. Now I know I should have dealt with this but I am sick & overwhelmed! Iv tried attorneys and advocates but the door always shuts! I can’t move again I don’t want to be homeless. Its hard to work but it beats the other. my mom is 68 works full time & is going blind. I really enjoyed your information but feel so frozen & stuck any advice would help. Also I believe the only reason I received social security is because the IRS wanted my money & when they got it back with interest they left me a balance of 25.$ it took them fouryears to garnish me but they waited cuz the 25$ turned into 1,042.00. I know I sound like a complete loser who wont take responsibility but I can barely handle breathing let alone a debt. Also I know this site is about giving sherry money to start over & I will but I want to share what happened cuz I need advice I can understand and execute.

Patrick James

What happened to all the money she saved by not paying taxes for all those years! She should have alot more money than all us taxpayers do! My ‘tax’ money fed her ass for some time now. She doesn’t pay taxes for years, and then my tax money feeds her in jail. NOW THATS NOT FAIR !!


Not my fault you’re stupid enough to keep paying taxes and not her fault either.

Tiffany Sims

When I get some cash I will send it to her. I’m here side

Tiffany Sims

God bless her for what she has do!! I love the truth and when I get some cash I will proudly send her some. Thank you God Almighty is with her and she is in my prayers. If she was in ny she can stay with me.

sam austin


Larry B

Sherry Peel Jackson is an example for all of us who know the difference between right and wrong. I am proud of you Sherry and your family for being leaders(models to follow). I became aware of Sherrys’ situation kind of late(06/13/2012). Does any one know how Sherrys’ health is? Please feel free to email me( The Great Spirit will continue to be with you Sherry. You are a super human Sherry, like others who have came before you. Be healthy, remain strong, and live a long beautiful life sista Sherry

Larry B

Thanks for the update Militant Libertarian, I appreciate your reply


So…… there a way to LEGALLY,(through proper paper work) not continue allowing “The Machine” to STEAL my money that I am receiving for my hard earned wage that I receive?
Because, I watched a YouTube vid. saying, on your W-4 you can scratch out what u don’t agree with and then sign and don’t file federal. Is this true???


Please e mail your snail mail address to me. God bless you!

Quinn Chesire

Creative blog post , I am thankful for the information . Does anyone know where I could possibly locate a sample USPS PS 6805 document to use ?

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