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Hackers Just Released What They Say Is A Damning Trove Of Emails About Bank Of America And Its Mortgage Practice

by Katya Wachtel, Business Insider

Hacker group Anonymous (aka OperationLeaks on Twitter) just released what they say is a trove of damning documents on Bank of America.

You can find them here:

Remember, at this point, we can’t verify whether they are legitimate or not, but Gawker’s Adrien Chen, who has sources within Anonymous, suggest there’s something real to the leaks.

Anonymous says the emails deal with BofA’s mortgage practices, but the source is not an employee of Bank of America proper — the source is a former employee from Balboa Insurance, a firm which used to be owned by BofA.

Click here to see what Bank of America says about the emails >

As you will see below, we believe that the evidence that is supposed to be so damning is a series of emails showing that employees of Balboa asked for certain loan identifying numbers to be deleted, and they were.

Anonymous said late Sunday evening, however, “this is part 1 of the Emails.” So perhaps more incriminating correspondence is to come.

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Most of this is bogus. The arguement isn’t that the homeowners hadn’t stopped making payments and put their mortgages into default. The arguement isn’t that the bank didn’t hold those mortgages and had a legal and moral duty to foreclose. Instead what the arguement has become is the banks didn’t dot this “i” or cross this”t” and by some stretch of legal Tomfoolery we “got them” and maybe we can find a judge who will agree with us. The arguement is dishonest on it’s face.


I’d suggest you go read the whole thing. They tacked on overcharges for mortgage insurance they weren’t supposed to require, they deleted records they were legally bound to keep, etc. This has nothing to do with the MERS system.

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