The NWO's Chains

Bloggers, Hackers and Leakers: The Next American Revolution?

by Silver Shield,

The movie Star Wars is one of my earliest and strongest memories as a child. The sounds were loud and the effects were amazing. The story about a band of rebels fighting against the seemingly unstoppable Empire was so exciting to me.  In the end, one man took a leap of faith and destroyed the Empire’s most feared weapon.  This story of fighting against all odds for a just cause has always been an inspiration to me.

Today we have rebellious bloggers, hackers, and leakers fighting against the most powerful Empire the world has ever known. This battle is not fought with lasers and space ships, instead, with words and ideas.  The Empire is an Elite global group of banking, media, political and military powers that enslave the world’s population with debt, propaganda, false hope, and war. This quadrillion-dollar Empire has a fatal flaw much like the Death Star, it is an Empire built on secrecy and lies. One shot of truth can and will bring it all crashing down.

Secrecy is seductive. Those that have the secrets, have the power. It allows them to run wild since there is never a judgment day. They can commit crimes and are invigorated more with each successful heist. When secrecy prevails, men willing to do the most terrible things are promoted, because they are the most useful in that secret world. Good and honorable men are filtered out to other positions where their conscious can fool itself that it has nothing to feel guilty about.  When secrecy becomes systemic, a psychopath led secret world that seeks to dominate other countries, will eventually turn to dominate us. When there is no accountability, they become an emboldened parasite that will eventually kill the host. Truth and justice are the natural predators that keep this parasite in check. How can we have truth and justice if everything and everyone is a secret? The Elite get this concept and the average Americans does not.

Secrecy is used by the Elite to control us. We have much more to fear from the unchecked power of our government than any terrorist organization or the entire Chinese People’s Liberation Army. No foreign threat is as ominous to our way of life than our monstrous Government and the financial terrorists on Wall St. If we can never discover the truth, how can we correct the wrongs?

Secrecy is allowing a shadow government to grow stronger and less responsive to us. Secrecy is preventing reforms from ever happening. Secrecy is providing cover to the guilty that have destroyed our country. Secrecy will ultimately destroy our paradigm. I think it is amazing that not one person was even demoted for the security failure of 9/11.  Not one CEO on Wall St is in jail for the 2008 economic collapse. If Americans knew even half of the stuff we have done to other countries, there would be a Revolution by the morning.

Secrecy breeds corruption, arrogance, bloated budgets, illegal activity, power consolidation, and outright evil. The Elite wallow in secrecy because they know if they were exposed, they would be hung by sundown.  It is natural for hierarchical systems to have this kind of concentration of power and secrecy. This type of power is exactly what our founding fathers fought against. They created a system of checks and balances in a Constitutional Republic. Through the abusive world of secrecy, the Elite have done an end run around the Constitution and gutted America. If you want to know why America is a basket case right now, look no further to the amount of secrets we keep and the criminals they protect.

Secrecy does not equal security. Those in power will tell you that secrecy makes us safe.  In the dark of secrecy, evil flourishes, as rules are broken. I would contend that open flow of information makes us safer with the watchful eye of the public.  Look at the Unabomber case, for 12 years the FBI tried to catch him without any luck. After they published his manifesto, Ted Kaczynski’s brother solved the case with one phone call. Even during 9/11, if you believe the “official” story, because intelligence was compartmentalized, no one saw what was really going on.

Secrecy makes us less secure. If Americans do not know what is done in their name, how can they possibly understand why the world hates us so much? We are sold on the lie that we are spreading Democracy and free trade. The reality is that we are supporting repressive regimes and stealing wealth of the world. Much of the aggression against America is simply blow back from our secret war on the world. If the average America knew what we have done to Iran over the past 50 years, I bet very few people would be singing “bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran.”

When there is secrecy, it also allows the vast majority of Americans to passively accept the status quo. The truth is too scary for most people, so they build a world in their head filled with bald eagles and American pie. They don’t want to know the truth, because then they would have to do something about it. Americans were outraged at the torture techniques of the Vietnamese against American soldiers. Now through secrecy, we passively accept the much worse torture by American soldiers. Who are we if we accept this? Why should America continue to be, if we have turned to the dark side? (Watch and read JFK died for this speech.)

If there is no official report on something, 90% of America won’t believe it. If you waited for official reports, we never would have seen Abu Ghraib torture. Force yourself to look at these pictures. This was not done to get information. This masochistic abuse was done in our name, in secrecy, for “fun.” What is worse, by not exposing this world of black torture sites, we are feeding the beast. Mark my words, what is accepted now for the “war on terror” will one day be used here at home on us.

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