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Rand (not Ron) for President?

Militant Libertarian reader Gadget42 sent an email full of links to various stories about Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son who’s now a U.S. Senator, possibly running for president in 2012.

While I have my reservations about this, he can’t be any worse than Obama (he certainly has about as much experience in politics) and he definitely would be the best choice of any slate the Demopublicans or even the Libertarians, Constitutional, or other parties could come up with on their own.

I can really only name a handful of people whom I’d consider coming out of voting retirement for.  To be honest, I don’t think Rand is one of them.

He’s more of a Ronald Reagan Republican than he is a libertarian and he’s definitely not nearly as libertarian as his father, who’s (in my mind) about the epitome of what the “believes in the system libertarian” is.

His more mainstream approach, however, might be what works for him in electoral politics.  The War Room spells this out.  Even the mainstream media, which did their best to ignore Ron during the 2008 election (until they just couldn’t anymore, anyway), are already talking about a possible Rand run.

ABC talked about it, so did USA Today.  The young senator is certainly making the rounds as if he were considering it, hitting the pre-campaign whistle stops (as is his father) and gaining local press while doing so.

Whether he runs or not, it’s sure that he or his father will be on the 2012 ticket and their working together like this is smart marketing.