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Stop Railroading Edgar Steele

by Wesley Hoyt,

The US Government falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned First Amendment attorney Edgar J. Steele on trumped up murder-for-hire charges, naming his wife Cyndi and his mother-in-law as the supposed intended victims. Both Cyndi and her mother know Edgar is innocent and they support him by raising money for his defense. What follows is not fiction. This really happened in June of 2010 and is still unresolved.

Real people like you and me and Good Samaritans like Edgar Steele, a defender of the Constitutional rights of others, many pro bono, continue to be prime targets of the Government’s attack on the innocent who make themselves “politically incorrect.” If you dare to speak out against tyranny, oppression and the growing police state in Amerika, you will be targeted, prosecuted and sent away for a long prison sentence. There are malevolent forces in and around the Government that are hate groups, pointing fingers at others to take the heat off of themselves, while they promote persecution of the innocent. One such group is the Southern Poverty Law Center (“SPLC” – a so called non-governmental organization or “NGO”) which may have started as a “bully buster,” but now has become the “bully.” Along with the FBI, the SPLC regularly attacks innocent people such as Edgar J. Steele. Mr. Steele is a father of three, grandfather, husband, attorney, champion of free speech and a justice seeker. He and his wife Cyndi Steele, who have been married 25 years, have served many individuals oppressed by the government.

The Government version is that, on June 9th and 10th, the Government’s “Confidential Source,” Mr. Fairfax, allegedly recorded two conversations where Mr. Steele was purportedly plotting the murder of his wife and her mother. These “recordings” are the only evidence the Government has against Edgar Steele. If the defense has an opportunity to show that those recordings are fictitious (and the evidence is not excluded at trial) then there is no case. On June 11, 2010, while at his home, Mr. Steele was “cuffed and stuffed,” then incarcerated on charges which allege he and his handyman, Larry Fairfax, were plotting to commit murder. Four days later, Mr. Fairfax who had been free, was arrested on charges that he manufactured a lethal pipe bomb, which he admitted attaching to Cyndi’s vehicle; a fact that the government knew about for a minimum of six days before the bomb was discovered by Mrs. Steele and the FBI chose to do nothing about it. The government also knew about one or more of the Fairfax accomplices, but has failed to arrest, charge or prosecute any of them (as if the FBI is in cahoots with them).

Interestingly, while the confessed and now convicted felon Mr. Fairfax was held in a local jail under soft conditions, free-speech attorney Edgar Steele was held in solitary confinement under harsh, freezing conditions for months until public outcry finally forced minimal privileges and contact with the outside world. (Shades of an Amerikan Gulag?)

On June 15, 2010, as she was on her way to a court hearing regarding her husband’s case, and with time to spare, Cyndi stopped for an oil change a few blocks from the Federal Courthouse in North Idaho. The oil change mechanic pointed out the bomb. The bomb squad was called, they arrived and used the water cannon to neutralize it, then after being interrogated as if she had something to do with the bomb, Cyndi Steele went to court to attend her husband’s hearing. While at court, Cyndi was told by a US Marshal that the Government would not provide her with any protection against the accomplices still at large, one of whom was a neighbor of the Steeles. What possible corruption would cause an official to tell the victim of a car bomb that she would not be receiving protection when part of the gang was still at large? Congress needs to ask this official, “What does it take to get you to do your job?”

Given that Mr. Steele has an established web presence from which he has authored incisive commentary on First Amendment, socio-political and financial matters, it is not surprising that most of his supporters feel that his incarceration is yet another jailing of a dissident for speaking his mind, making him just another political prisoner in America.

Edgar Steele always expressed himself with an edge when it comes to telling it straight and naming names. See Mr. Steele has also published a book named “Defensive Racism” which has seen wide distribution for the last 5 years. Also at his web site is a brief biography, the capstone of which at the time of his arrest was his work-in-progress of investigating human trafficking involving a “Russian Bride” scam out of the Ukraine. Mr. Steele’s aggressive representation of clients who have run afoul of the Government, in addition to his own use of free speech, may be just the reason the Government and its consulting NGOs colluded to silence him with bogus charges, pre-trial “detention” and no bond.

At present, many caring souls and organizations have financially supported Mr. Steele, raising over $114,000.00 to date. There is a dedicated defense team working for him. The word has traveled far and wide about this travesty of justice and word of Edgar’s fight for freedom, with donations coming from Canada, Europe and far away Australia.

The defense team has just announced that it engaged the finest audio and acoustical engineers in America to analyze the Government recordings. These recordings were supposedly made over a two-day period, on June 9th and 10th, 2010. The experts’ analysis, only obtained last week proves that the recordings are not one continuous recording of a conversation with the Government’s witness, Larry Fairfax. Rather, it has now been proven that the recordings were spliced and dubbed with sound effects and dialogue from multiple people pretending to be Edgar Steele and that the recording did not happen all at once as falsely represented by the Government. The experts have now proven that the tapes were manufactured by the Government. This is criminal conduct. This is the height of Government misconduct and constitutes ‘bearing false witness against thy neighbor.’ Edgar always said that he pictured himself as the “canary in the coalmine” and that he intended to push the boundaries of free speech, so that the rest of us could say what we wished and be safe. He said that when the Government came for him, it would be a sign that we were next. Well, they have come for the canary and he has been clapped in irons, carried off and thrown in a dungeon, all because of his political speech. So, are we next?

If you are outraged that the Government can do this to a First Amendment lawyer, and you think that this could happen to you or someone you love, we ask you to donate to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund, P.O. Box 1255, Sagle, Idaho 83860. Your donations will pay to have the experts testify during Edgar’s April trial. The donations are administered by a non-profit corporation. Please make contributions payable to the “Edgar Steele Defense Fund.” If the Government can railroad Mr. Steele into a death sentence (he likely would die in prison), then what is to stop them from coming after you or me? We must stop them now by supporting the defense of Edgar Steele, before it is too late. Then we must demand that our Congressional leaders prohibit Rogue FBI Agents and US Attorneys from attacking the innocent. Give generously, because the life you save may be your own.

Thank you.



Dale Williams is a libertarian talk show host in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is known for his no-holds-barred radio presence and ability to go past the mainstream pundits and cut to the heart of the subject, whether he’s talking to a local man on the street or international figures like Paul Craig Roberts or Gerald Celente. Dale is an expert in self-defense firearms, military hardware, and has a background in numismatics and as a body guard.