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You Are a Prisoner of the State. Always.

by Karen De Coster

This story is heartbreaking and maddening, and mostly, it demonstrates – with a great deal of clarity – the power of the social services-police state-medical establishment posse, and how this powerful web of totalitarian machinations can take over your family life and children at will.

This Detroit mother was all the news last week as she holed up in her home, with her 13-year-old daughter, after some individuals from Child Abduction Services showed up at her house with a state warrant to take her child out of her home without her permission. Maryanne Godboldo then did what any good and moral mother would do: she got her gun and said, no, you will not take my child from my home.

Maryanne Godboldo, 56, was arraigned Sunday before 36th District Magistrate Sidney Barthwell Jr. on charges of firing a weapon in a dwelling, felonious assault, resisting and obstructing an officer, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Maryanne was vilified by the local media for daring to shoot her gun and hold the SWAT team at bay while she refused to leave the home. Yes, Detroit sent its finest circus clowns in 20 layers of armor to face off against a women with a pea-shooter refusing to throw her child to the witch doctor wolves. While this “standoff” was in progress, Maryanne was referred to as being mentally unbalanced, and she was even accused of “acting outside of her normal behavior.” This mother has been fighting the state and its Nazi witch doctors because they aggressed against her child, time and time again, by putting her on powerful, hallucinogenic, psychotropic drugs that made her daughter depressed and crazy. This mother committed the “crime” of withholding these psychotropic drugs from her daughter.

Going back a bit – the child was born with a disability, so Mom, a trained dancer, stayed home for many years to homeschool her child (crime # 2) while she ran a dance school with her sister. When the child went to public schools as a teenager, she was forced to receive immunizations. The child had severe reactions from the immunizations, and her health deteriorated. As the child’s health got worse, the medical establishment intervened. No condition was diagnosed – as is always the case when forced drugs kill or maim children – but an aggressive treatment was undertaken, and that included, of course, “crazy” drugs. The child’s irritations and facial grimaces, classic signs of adverse reactions to immunizations, were considered to be mental problems by the loon quacks who stuffed powerful drugs into her frail body. Her mother watched her daughter’s childhood and spirit disappearing right before her eyes. So she stopped the drugs to allow that little girl to live again.

And the state then moved in to take its prisoner. When Maryanne agreed to end the standoff on the promise that her child would be left with relatives, the cops in armor turned the child over to what the state calls “protective custody.” More human lives ruined by the state and its corrupt agents in the name of “protection.”

The media in Detroit is reporting this as a case where the mother “refused drugs to treat her daughter’s mental illness.” An undiagnosed health condition that mysteriously becomes a mental illness. And human beings with souls apparently find it acceptable to report this case as a big fat lie to cover for the crimes of the state and its ethically corrupt medical authorities.

Here is a video of the black-caped Decider of Lives putting a $500,000 bond on this woman so she cannot leave the state’s gulag to care for her little girl. Of course, the local media outlets show this awful picture of Maryanne (how would you look after the stress of a standoff with the SWAT tyrants and Child Abduction Services?), when the Detroit News had the sense to show a photo of the real and beautiful Maryanne.