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Updated the Abut MiliLib Page

For those of you not following the Twitter stream, which automatically updates with such things, I’ve added some updates to the About MiliLib page on the site.

I made a few clerical changes throughout to improve clarity and fix a couple of typos I hadn’t noticed before.  The biggest change, however, is the addition of the following section, which now appears at the top of the About MiliLib page.

I wrote this section as a rebuttal to some of the idiotic hate email I often receive.  Usually from someone who assumes that either a) I write everything that appears here (despite it being clearly marked otherwise) or b) that I endorse the source of the information and/or the information itself.

From About MiliLib:


I get a lot of questions (and heat) from people who don’t like the “source” for whatever has been posted or question my “commitment” (to what, I’m not sure) because I posted something by someone who “is a [insert epithet regarding political philosophy or supposed payroll source here]“.  So here’s a quick run-down on how I aggregate information that ends up on this website:

The “source” of the information is irrelevant if the information itself is sound.  So I take each thing I read at face value without considering the source.  If the information appears accurate and of value, I accept it as-is.  If it’s too obvious in its slant or unable to back up its claims through logic or credible source materials, then I ignore it.  Finally, if it’s something you can find in Time Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, or on CNN/Fox/ABC/etc. then I will only post it if it backs up something else that’s already been discussed or a current meme of information that’s floating around.  Hence those who claim that this site has “no balance” or a “bias” are right: I don’t bother with mainstream crap because, well, why would you come here to read that?

Secondly, just because an item appears here that doesn’t necessarily mean that I personally agree with or endorse the idea or information.  There is a lot going on in the world and no one can claim to know everything that’s happening with any assurance.  I often disagree with things that I post here, but they are posted anyway because it’s the thought-trigger that counts, not the information that comes out of the chamber.  In other words, the bullet means nothing if the shooter doesn’t pull the trigger to set off the gun’s mechanism.

Here’s an example: I don’t necessarily agree that our ancient ancestors were created by or visited by aliens from another planet/dimension.  But there is enough evidence that could support that to make it at least a credible theory.  So to read about it, even if I don’t agree with it, creates questions and broadens my scope.  So I read those theories anyway.  I can’t conclusively say whether they’re bunk or truth.  It’s only my opinion that they’re wrong, but I have no more proof to disprove them than they have to prove themselves.

Therefore, attributing any idea you see on this website to me personally, unless I wrote the idea myself, is to make the mistake of assuming that this website is about me and me alone.  It’s not. is about the people who read the information here, not about the guy posting that information.