Militant Rants

What If Marijuana Were Legal? MASSIVE Theft, Mayhem!

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

The pot-haters may be right.  Perhaps legalizing marijuana isn’t such a good idea.  I mean, our crime statistics could change dramatically!  This weekend in Florida gave a prime example of the mayhem that would ensue once marijuana is legalized and widely available.

A 20-year old man named Randall Travis Roberts was “tired of walking” and had a need for some shut eye.  You see, he’d (apparently) been smoking pot and it was really settling in.  So he did what any crazed pot head would do in that situation: he stole a Krispy Kremes truck.

In his own defense, he admitted to the stolen truck when confronted by police at a traffic accident.  The police searched the truck and found 20 grams of pot in a baggie.  Roberts claimed the pot wasn’t his, but is being charged with possession anyway.

To be honest, if the pot was owned by the Krispy Kremes driver, do you really think the truck would still have had 338 boxes of donuts left inside?

Notice three things about this story, compared to today’s rampant, drug-related crime:

  1. Nobody got shot or threatened to shoot anyone.
  2. Nobody got seriously injured or hurt.
  3. The actual crime committed (grand theft auto) was immediately admitted to by the person who did it.

Add that up, folks.  I’ll take the rampant “pot crazed” crime over today’s drug cartel and enforcement crimes anyday.

[source NBC Miami]