Liberty Commentary

Don’t put that in your mouth!

by Danny Anarchy,

So some police departments in Tennessee have decided to seize a new “recreational drug“. This one is called Molly’s Plant Food. Yes, it’s a plant food. However, some have been using it for recreational use. That’s right, people are eating it. It’s an expensive plant food that comes in a capsule.  Yes that’s odd, but why should the state confiscate it? There aren’t a lot of places to find info on this stuff besides internet forums, where many are calling it “legal ecstasy”. Yet it clearly says on the package that it’s not intended for internal use. So what’s the problem?

Is the substance dangerous? Well if you eat it then yes, it’s dangerous. It doesn’t take a botanist to figure that out. Let’s look at some other things that are dangerous when ingested: rat poison, grain alcohol, bug killer! Those things can be ingested and they aren’t regulated. I’m not going to deny that this plant food is dangerous if ingested. But what business is a persons well-being to the government? What are we sheep? Are they really concerned about our well-being or are they just afraid to lose a taxpayer?

But wait, what about other plant foods? Are they okay to eat? I wouldn’t think so. The big defense here from the badges is that it’s sold in a capsule. Lot’s of things are sold in capsules. Remember those grow-in-water toys? Sold in capsules. You can even buy caffeine sold in capsules.

One of the first things I learned was what not to put in my mouth. It’s not a hard concept for parents to teach kids. Family and friends can ask if something is wrong in the case of adults. Education not legislation. If all else fails, let them become vegetables.