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Mitt the Mormon Runs Again

from RacistSOB

Who the f*** names their kid after a baseball accessory?  Mitt’s parents, that’s who.  Everybody’s favorite Moron (I mean Mormon) candidate is running for g*******d president again.  He’s “formed an exploratory committee” which means he’s created a group of a******s who will go out and stump to get him money so he can start putting motherf****** on the list to get kickbacks if he gets elected.

This crazy cracker is already spouting the lines that everyone wants to hear: we need to get America “back on a course of greatness” and “growing economy” and “good jobs” and “fiscal discipline”.  Ya, the Mittster knows a lot about that last bit.  Fiscal discipline my a**.

The motherf***** created Romneycare, which is a total failure in everything it tried to do.  Especially in that “fiscal discipline” fake conservative cracker neo-cons like Romney like to parrot on about.   Ya, the cost of Mittholio’s little Romneycare plan is gonna cost about $2.5 billion more than planned.

For a state with only 6,550,000 people in it, that’s a lock of f****n money to be throwing down the s*****r.

The good news in all this is that this richa** cracker Mormon a*****e will probably waste a lot more of his own money in his campaign again.  Nothing like watching a greasy jackass like this lose another tax bracket.  F****n prick.