The NWO's Chains

The CFR Elite Globalist Brag Show

by Zen Gardner, BiN

“Know your enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” Sun Tsu

You may be surprised who you see in this Council on Foreign Relations PR clip from their own website. It seems they’ve jammed as many infamous faces as they could into it to entice as many other power mongers, sell outs and would be Illuminati pawns as they could.

It’s disgusting, yet they burst with pride. The ultimate paradox of today’s Orwellian world. This is literally a “who’s who” in the true ongoing conspiracy against humanity.


Guess what this trikecta of “elites” has in common…

See Them Thrive!

Watch newspeople, Hollywood elites, corporate CEOs and politicians ooze with arrogance as they tout their “global perspective” that apparently we peons “down here” can’t grasp.

This body of people has tremendous influence and power over the US government, the United Nations, and a litany of other organizations, governments and individuals.

And they’re all self-appointed. That’s right. They choose their own.

It’s another elite club, like their “think tanks”, secret societies, NGOs and phony foundations. All a ruse to disguise their ongoing plan for a global elitist tyranny – already well under way if you haven’t noticed.

Resist. Be aware. Don’t participate. Inform others. Their time is but for a moment. – Zen

(be sure to see the second video below as well…)