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House Passes GOP’s “The Path to Prosperity”

from The MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Normally, I lambast the b.s. emails I get from TrueMajority and MoveOn, but today I decided to give it to my local (Republican) congresswoman with her latest email message to constituents. It’s title is the title of this post. Here’s what she sent followed by my comments:

Dear Friends,

I’ve been listening to Wyoming’s common-sense minded people from the feed store to the grocery store. They want Congress and the President to put the U.S. economy on a stable path by halting this country’s spending spree and tackling our long-term debt problem. Despite Americans’ calls for action, President Obama has refused to put forward a serious plan. Instead, the President has punted twice.

Today, House Republicans passed “The Path to Prosperity, “a budget for fiscal year 2012 that gets to the business of cutting spending and reducing our nation’s appalling debt.

It’s time to buck the status quo, pick up a mop, and clean up America’s financial mess. The Path to Prosperity offers the solutions America needs by stopping the job-crushing debt that threatens the future of our country. This budget is an honest, fact-based proposal that gets to the heart of our economic crisis by addressing the drivers of our country’s debt.

Cutting discretionary spending alone isn’t enough to get us out of the $14 trillion ditch Washington has dug. Paul Ryan’s proposal preserves and strengthens health and retirement programs. It streamlines the tax code, halts Washington’s sprawl in favor of a smaller, leaner federal government, and it empowers America’s job creators to start hiring and to grow the economy. Additionally, ‘The Path to Prosperity’ cuts $6.2 trillion in government spending over the next decade alone. This historic proposal is a clean cut from the reckless budget policies of the past.

The majority of Americans believe the country is headed down the wrong track. They understand the consequences Washington’s irresponsible culture of spending has for our country’s future. And for most Americans, this isn’t about politics; it’s about putting their way of life, their jobs, their families, and our nation first.


Representative Cynthia Lummis

I responded via email (hitting “reply”) and it was, of course, sent back as undeliverable just like when I respond to those idiots at TrueMajority and MoveOn. I’m seeing a trend amongst the partisans here. Anyway, here’s my response to Cynthia Lummis (R-WY):

Cutting $6.2 trillion over 10 years is only $620 billion per year. We’re currently spending at a rate of over $1 trillion in deficit annually.

When you are you people going to actually cut the deficit instead of just the amount of debt we incur? Let’s see $20 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years. That’s more realistic. I can’t go into bankruptcy court and tell the judge I’m going to lower my spending so that I’m only over budget by 20% instead of 100%. Neither should Congress.

It’s time to get out of the worthless wars overseas and shut down those foreign bases and bring our troops home. It’s time to seriously gut the Defense Department and make it realistically manageable again – something your currently plan totally avoids doing!

Doing so doesn’t take money out of the pockets of GIs. It takes money out of the pockets of the military industrial complex that is bankrupting this nation.

Now get back to work. You’ve barely even started!