When All Else Fails

Lynne Tilton, Think Pretty Woman (1990) but Real-Life Role-Reversal

It’s how these things work. A few hours ago we had never even heard of Lynne Tilton and you probably haven’t either. You can check out the links and come to your own conclusions as well you should. Here are ours.

Let’s get the B-words out of the way and then move on, shall we? Billionaire. Businesswoman. Blond. Bombshell. Witch. Wock-Star. Wipper. Wisexual. Worn-Star. Wogressive. Wesident. Use your imagination, no disrespect intended or desired.

Still with us? Good. Check her out for yourself, or not. Whatever. Her pedigree screams sock-puppet. Honestly, see for yourself. Yale. Columbia. Morgan Stanley. Merrill Lynch. Goldman Sachs. Kidder Peabody. Amroc. Oppenheimer. MJ Whitman.

So the real question is where she will pop-up next. She’s a Progressive but could very well appeal to a large portion of independents and tea-party types. Recent history has included Bill Clinton for the lefties, George w. Bush for the righties, Barack Obama to show we’ve overcome racism, now we need a female President to show we’ve overcome sexism.

Not to mention the stick in the eye that a female Commander-in-Chief would be to patriarchal regimes across the globe.

Hey, we could be totally off the mark or we could be spot-on. Considering boobus americanus idiotus and the bread and circuses, beer and football, american idol and celebrity apprentice, not to mention hell’s kitchen…and all the other reality(hahaha) shows…perhaps it’s time to have a billionaire bombshell as a sock-puppet-in-chief and TV personality.

Come on, you know for sure you’d rather vote for Pretty Woman versus The Donald…

Let the fun begin!





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