Militant Rants

The Push to Outlaw Alternative Medicine

by Aaron Turpen, Health Freedom Network Newsletter Editor (via Truth2America)

Several states, including Nevada and North Carolina, have introduced legislation that would license and control (and ultimately outlaw) non-mainstream health practices.  These include alternative medical treatments such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, holistic medicine, homeopathy, etc.

There are several reasons for this push, not the least of which is pressure from mainstream medicine as it sees more and more people going to alternatives they like to call “complementary and alternative medicine” or CAM.  Doctors use this term in a semi-derisive manner to refer to things like acupuncture and the like.  They prefer CAM because it implies that these are add-on medical treatments rather than replacements for western (supposedly) science-based medical practice.

The bills function by creating licensing boards that get to decide who can and can’t practice any form of regulated health care in the state.  Like doctors, nurses, and even morticians, this would put alternative health practitioners at the mercy of overseers who may or may not be sympathetic to the type of practice the practitioners use.

This is the first step towards regulating what those health and wellness professionals can and can’t say, prescribe, or use for treatment.

The bills, of course, are being touted as a way to “bring disparate medical practices together” and “regulate alternative practitioners for public safety.”  They’ll do neither.

The mainstream medical press has been rife lately with reports of what they consider to be malpractice and false claims by alternative medical supporters.  The news loves to show the mother whose child dies because she refused cancer treatments that, incidentally, would not have saved the child either – only prolonged the suffering.  But the news does not show people like the woman featured in Issue #375 of theHealth Freedom Network Newsletter, Jessica Ainscough, who is using an alternative called the Gerson Therapy to combat her cancer (she’s winning).

The fight over who gets to decide what type of medical treatment and wellness options you have is continual.  The control freaks who make up our government are intent on regulating every aspect of our lives, including (and especially) health options.

It’s time for the American people to stand up, refuse, and resist these attempts to nanny our lives.  It’s time for us to take back our freedom to choose for ourselves!