Fighting Back

Attempting a Miracle

by Larken Rose

I’m desperately trying to make something work that, at the moment,
seems dang near impossible. So a couple of people suggested that I
throw this out to my e-mail list, to see if any of you might have
some helpful input to offer.

This October, Libertopia is happening out in San Diego, and I’m
scheduled to be speaking there. There are only a couple of
obstacles: I refuse to fly the fascist skies, and I’m essentially
destitute. However, I thought I’d make a big challenge into a dang-
near impossible endeavor, because I’m also determined–despite what
reality has to say about the matter–to make this the time when I
finally get to take my family on a cross-country camping trip, in a
little conversion van type RV–which we don’t have, and have no
money to buy or rent. I’ve been planning such a trip since I was in
prison; whether it ever actually happens remains to be seen.

Other than not having a conversion van, and not having any money
(which also means not having any money for gas to go anywhere),
we’re all set! (Gack!)

One idea was that we could make it into a speaking tour, hopefully
scraping up gas money along the way. If there are any cities,
towns, or shady, anti-government extremist compounds, that might
want to bribe us to show up, this is your chance! The route I want
to do for the camping trip makes it so that we’d be in range of
pretty much anywhere in the contiguous 48 states, either on the way
out or on the way back. (Heck, we’ll give you a free, autographed
book if we can park our conversion van–the one we don’t actually
have yet–in your driveway for the night, to save paying for a camp

We might also take our musical thing on the road–a sort of
twisted, anarchist version of the von Trapp family singers. Soon
we’ll be posting something on YouTube about that, so you’ll have
some idea what the heck that is all about.

So I thought I’d throw that out there, in case one of you, while
cleaning your garage, found a perfectly good conversion van RV
which you didn’t know you had, and which you have no other use for.
(Desperation tends to empower the imagination.) And if
transportation does somehow appear, and if you want an enemy of the
state in your neighborhood–or hiding out in your basement–now’s
your chance.

I REALLY hope I get the chance to show my family some of the cool
places I got to visit when I was younger. I’d beg, borrow or steal
to make it happen–except that I’m opposed to stealing and my
credit rating is shot, thanks to the feds … which pretty much
leaves begging. Heck, I’ll stop at your house, chop your firewood,
mow your lawn, and walk your dog, for gas money to get to the next
place. Okay, this is getting a little too pathetic, so I’ll stop


Larken Rose