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Protecting Airline Passengers? Suuuuuure

from RacistSOB

So the U.S. Defuckment of Transportation gave out rules to airlines to supposedly protect passengers from “fees” and whatever the f***.  Great.  Don’t bother fixing the real problem, just f****n add on more rules to make it look like you’re actually f*****g worth something.

What about my right not to be f****n felt up by some fat f***** at the gate?

The cracker who runs the s*****s show over there is Ray LaHood.  Goddamn, the guy’s f****n last name spells it out.  He’s a French hoodlum for Christ sakes.  No wonder he’s in f****n charge over there.  In fact, looking at the bios of the people who run this crackerjack outfit, it’s no wonder they can’t come up with anything but more work for themselves (in the form of paper pushing).  Typical f****n bureaucracy over at the DOT.

So these jackasses think that by putting a lot of new rules on airlines, they can save the industry by regulating it to death.  That’s pretty much how Washington f****n thinks now days, so it’s no surprise.

Here’s the deal: their dip***t plan does nothing to fix the real problem afflicting airline passengers.

That problem is the mother****** perverts they got running the Transportation Sexual Assault division.  Jumpin Jesus on a pogo stick, those mother******* are out of control!  They got scanners that strip you naked electronically, pat down procedures that let them molest children and goddamn rules in place that make it an immediate offense you can get f****n arrested for if you complain about all of this horseshit.

I’ll tell you what the f*** needs to happen here.  Take all them fatass jackbooted a**holes in the TSA and make a special damned unit in the military for them.  Then send their perverted a**es oversease to Iraq and Afghanistan and let them run checkpoints.

This would cause one of two things to happen.  Either they would clean the f****n place up and make it impossible for H***b terrorists to travel anywhere to blow **** up (fat f****n chance) or they’d all get slaughtered by pissed off sand n****r mother*******.  Either way we come out ahead.

I’m telling you people, you need to f****n elect my ass and get this **** fixed.