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1 Year ‘Undercover’ Operation to Bust Amish Farmer for.. Raw Milk

by Aaron Turpen, HealthFreedomNetwork

The Food and Drug Administration has proven its budget is too large and its priorities are out of whack.  The agency just wrapped up a year-long investigation which included agents using aliases, surprise inspections, and surreptitious purchases from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.  The result?  One farmer arrested and a raw milk operation shut down.

Think about that.

Your government just spent untold thousands of taxpayer dollars to have federal agents create false identities and conduct a “sting” operation on an Amish farm because the farmer was selling unpasteurized milk to customers who knew that they were getting raw milk – and wanted it that way.

So far, the only victim to be presented in this case is the family running Rainbow Acres Farm in Pennsylvania.   None of the farm’s customers have complained, no one has gotten sick or died from the milk, and everyone involved was fully informed of the product being traded.  So what was the beef?

Oh, right.  It’s against the law to sell unpasteurized milk.

Damn those evil Amish farmers and their flaunting of the law!

The FDA claims that unpasteurized milk can contain things like salmonella, E. coli and listeria.  Similar to the industrially farmed spinach that hit grocery shelves and got thousands sick, if you’ll remember.  Except the difference here is that the milk being sold wasn’t under FDA oversight and the spinach was.  Woops!

Just another case of the government deciding what’s best for us and then committing a 5am raid on a peaceful Amish farm to enforce that.  The rest of us?  We have no say because we’re just wards of the state anyway.

Read more about the whole operation and the circus surrounding it at the Washington Times.