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Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste: Climate Alarmists Use Tornado Deaths To Attack Global Warming Skeptics

by MasterPrepper, Truth2America

The phrase “never let a good crisis go to waste” has been variously attributed to Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, and others in government.  Well, now it’s a sentiment being used by climate alarmists and CO2 propagandists like Brad Johnson at “Think Progress” which is a publication of the American Center for Progress, a socialist think tank big on global warming as a way to control the masses.


Of course, the issue is no longer “CO2 pollution” or “emissions” but is now “polluting the climate.”  A brash attempt to lump all emissions in with CO2 as contributing to global warming.

Johnson goes on to blame the congressional delegations of states like Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky as being to blame for the devastation wrought by tornadoes in the latest hard weather pattern to move through the U.S.

Of course, there is no way to tie in global warming and weather patterns, especially localized ones like those.  That doesn’t stop climate alarmists, though.  Kevin Trenberth, a “scientist”, is quoted in Johnson’s article from his statements to the American Meteorological Society earlier this year when he said “the null hypothesis should be that all weather events are affected by global warming.”  A statement which is about as unscientific as you can get.

Then the New York Times got into the act, further proving that they are a has-been institution that needs to be let to die.

Am I the only one who’s noticed that whenever something bad, ugly, or heinous happens, it’s always these so-called “progressives” who jump on it to promote their own agenda?  Bad weather?  Must be global warming!  People shot by a lunatic?  It’s because we don’t have gun control!

These people have no shame and will use anything, so long as it’s not based on real science, to back their claims that more government intervention is needed.