Fighting Back

‘You can’t be by the River without a fishing pole.’ – Officer


Craig, a regular reader here at, and his son left their home this past Easter Sunday and headed toward the park for a stroll. All was good until they were approached by an officer who stated they weren’t permitted to be by the river without fishing poles (no joke). Craig, like so many others, didn’t want to argue with the armed man, who was clearly on a power trip, and decided to comply with the thugs demands.

While heading back home Craig started to think about the impression the encounter would leave on his son? Would he too grow up to allow those with a self perceived sense of authority over others to order him around? Especially over something as ridiculous as not having a fishing pole while walking by the river?

Craig decided that he was going to go to the police station and confront the officer for his actions. Thankfully he recorded the encounter, providing yet another great example of a police officer’s misconception of his duties. Craig credited for inspiring him to take such action, – via YouTube “I have much respect for what you do. In fact, your videos are what inspired me to do what I did that day and i have never felt better in my life.

Thanks for holding this officer accountable and for the kind words Craig. If you have a story or police related issue that you’d like to publish here at, please contact us.