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401k Down the Tubes? No Prob, MJGs Have Got The Answer

by Aaron Turpen, CannaCentral

When the economy took its nose dive in 2008, a lot of retirees and those about to retire watched their nest eggs go from “comfortable” to “Wait.. my gardener has more money than me now?” in a very short amount of time.  Years of savings went up in smoke as the financial crisis hit America between the eyes.  Then, of course, in our stunned daze and shock, the Wall Street banks snatched our wallets.

Well, never fear, retirees.  You won’t have to keep living on food stamps and by selling your life’s vintage memorabilia on eBay.  The Marijuana Grannies have got a plan: grow and sell pot because nobody suspects old people of anything.

The plan was probably working perfectly until two greedy thieves attempted to break into Aleen Lam and Virginia Chan Pon’s front door.  The 72 and 65 year old ladies (respectively) were arrested after neighbors saw two men breaking into their home.  They called the cops.  When the cops arrived, they found the front door knocked in and nearly 800 marijuana plants inside the house.

The two women had quite the operation going, apparently.  800 plants, an electrical hijack to steal power from PG&E (if anyone deserves to be stolen from..) – all run by two retired old ladies in their San Bruno home.

Just imagine what they’re doing in Arizona.

Both women plead not guilty in court on Monday and are facing life sentences (or the equivalent thereof).  Meanwhile, two burglars named Kitae Chae and Kenny Kong (those are their real names, folks) face a couple of hours community service for breaking and entering, burglary, and other (actual) crimes.

Ahhh.. sweet justice.

[via SF Weekly]