Orlando Copwatch founder John Kurtz, Facing 6 Years in Prison for Videotaping Police

Posted: May 12th, 2011 by Militant Libertarian

Orlando Cop Watch

The Facts:
Just before 2 AM on January 1st, 2011 John Kurtz left a Private Party on Orange Avenue and Church Street, Downtown Orlando to investigate some apparent police activity on Church Street.

Kurtz approached the scene and videotaped the incident, which included the use of tasers, a violent take down, and a pepper spraying AFTER the suspect was subdued and in handcuffs.

Officer Adam Gruler repeatedly told Kurtz to go away and turn off the camera. When Kurtz informed Gruler that he knew his rights and wasn’t going anywhere, Gruler violently took Kurtz to the ground and arrested him.

After multiple attempts to deny Kurtz bond, relentless efforts by Kurtz’s friends, family, attorney and other privately contracted help, Kurtz was finally released from Orange County Jail after a full 7 days behind bars.

Kurtz’s Video Camera with the evidence on it that would easily clear or condemn him of these charges mysteriously went missing. It was not in Kurtz’s personal effects when he was released from jail, nor was it entered into evidence. It is unknown what happened to Kurtz’s camera.  However, at best it reflects negligence on the Orlando Police Department for failure to secure evidence; at worst it shows absolute corruption and evidence tampering.

John Kurtz is a peaceful person who adheres and promotes the non aggression principal. Kurtz is known by his friends as a pacifist who is much more likely to turn the other cheek, than to retaliate with violence.

The Evidence:

About Officer Gruler:

About John Kurtz:

Please Join us in letting Orlando Know that we will not condone innocent people to go to Prison as political targets.

More Info:
When: Monday May 16th, 2011 8:30 AM
Where: Orange County Court House: 415 North Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
What: Please stand in unity as Liberty activist John Kurtz stands Trial. Facing a maximum sentence of 6 years in Prison on the allegations of battery on a LEO, Obstruction of a Police officer, and resisting arrest without violence, Kurtz adamantly proclaims his innocence and that he is a political target because of his involvement with OrlandoCopwatch.com and other activism. Please bring signs, hand outs, alert the media, tell your friends. The people must know about this persecution of a political dissident.


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