Militant Rants

House freshmen running scared

from MoveOn/TrueMajority Scam

Dear MoveOn member,

Freshmen Republicans just called a press conference to beg for a break from attacks on them for voting to eliminate Medicare.1 Seriously.

It’s a bizarre—even laughable—tactic. But it points to one thing: Your pressure is working!

The town halls you flooded last month led to national media coverage of the backlash against Republicans.2 That, plus the phone calls and letters against the Republican plan to end Medicare, and the ads you’ve helped pay for, have Republicans on the ropes.

We’re on the verge of stopping their efforts to cut Medicare, Medicaid and other vital services right in their tracks. But we need to double down.

My Response to the MoveOn Hypocrisy

Most of your ADD membership probably don’t remember, but back in August of 2009 you were lamenting the appearance of “right wing extremists” at town hall meetings nationally to oppose health care reform. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, you’re proud of your own people for doing the same damn thing.

So tell me, MoveOn (there’s nothing to see here), why is it different when YOUR team is the one disrupting town hall meetings with “hard hitting questions”? Is that somehow OK whereas when the opposition does it, it’s “wrong”?

The way I see it, this is your precious democracy in action, no matter who’s doing the town hall disruption.

Own up to your own hypocrisy, MoveOn.